McLaren is pleased to announce the renewal and continuation of its long-standing partnership with the JVC Kenwood Corporation (Kenwood).

Kenwood became McLaren’s official supplier of radio communications in 1991. This year, the partnership celebrates its 25th anniversary – a landmark that will be celebrated at Kenwood’s home race in Japan, this October.

Kenwood has pioneered the concept and development of its NEXEDGE digital wireless radio system specifically for McLaren. It is a network that enables both ultra-clear intra-team communication and a peerless connection between the driver and his engineers. NEXEDGE technology enables the entire team to operate and communicate promptly and clearly in an environment where extreme levels of noise, vibration and impact are the norm.

McLaren-Honda Racing Director Eric Boullier said:
“Kenwood’s experience and expertise in the field of radio communications has enabled them to create a unique, bespoke solution for McLaren-Honda – one that’s unmatched within the field of world motorsport.
“As we head into the 2016 Formula 1 season, it’s a source of considerable pride to be able to state that, this year, we’ll celebrate the 25th anniversary of our partnership – that’s an incredible achievement, and a testament to the strength, depth and loyalty that exists between our two organisations.”

JVCKENWOOD Vice President of Global Brands Fabien Grégoire said:
“History is made of stories. As our Formula 1 story started at Suzuka in October 1991 with McLaren-Honda, we’re proud that we’ll be able to celebrate 25 years together as the same team with which we started our collaboration.
“Since that day, followed by a breathtaking adventure with many successes, Kenwood has never stopped exceeding the limit in order to deliver uncompromising precision and reliability to the entire team. This renewed agreement is the perpetuation of our long-standing story.”