Lotus F1 Team is proud to confirm continuation of its relationship with Siemens through utilisation of its Fibersim™ portfolio of software for composites engineering, along with training and engineering services.

Fibersim has been used at Enstone since 2003, capturing the full end-to-end composites design and manufacturing intent in 3D model definition of the component part. Each individual carbon fibre ply of a design can be modelled with Fibersim sending instructions from the design office to the clean room cutting machine and lasers, enabling the laminators to position every single carbon ply into the mould with repeatable precision. For 2015 and beyond, Lotus F1 Team is pushing the use of Fibersim more widely than ever before, with new methodologies and practises seeing Fibersim used by default across every composite part on the car, large and small, improving quality, performance and consistency across our composite parts.

Nick Chester, Technical Director, Lotus F1 Team:
“The E23 Hybrid is 80% composite with incredibly complex and challenging shapes and curves. In the chassis alone, there are more than 1000 plies and more than 30 types of carbon fibre. Fibersim has been a vital element in our design and realisation process for over a decade and, thanks to our relationship with Siemens, we have now full control over the quality and consistency of all carbon fibre parts produced at Enstone, which in turn has positive repercussions on the streamlining of the entire design and build process. It’s a pleasure to work with Siemens who share our goal of making the best car possible in the most efficient and effective manner.”

Robert Flory, Vice President, Specialized Engineering, Siemens PLM Software:
“We are delighted to extend our work with Lotus F1 Team, sharing a common goal of optimizing the composites product development process. With Fibersim software expediting the production of the Lotus F1 Team race car, the continuation of our partnership will help the team refine the final products to be of the highest durability and lowest weight possible. Our synergistic collaboration helps us develop new technology that not only can be applied to high performance race cars but is also shaping the future of production vehicles as well.”

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