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Test report – Bahrain day three


Date                 Saturday March 1 2014

Driver               Kevin Magnussen

Location           Bahrain International Circuit (5.412km)

Laps/km           88/476

Best laptime     1m35.894s


Programme      This was Kevin’s last opportunity to sample the MP4-29 before Australia. His morning’s running was interrupted by a small problem that required a long stop to cure – nonetheless, like Jenson yesterday, he was able to get back on track before the end of the morning’s session, and got a sizeable number of laps under his belt before the end of the day


The afternoon’s programme also enabled Kevin to run through a simulation of a race weekend, including the opportunity to run some fast laps on softer tyres, and also to try a race simulation – albeit one hit by a red-flag stoppage and a visit to the pits.


Speaking afterwards, he said: “We had some electrical problems in the morning, but sorted them pretty quickly, and complete most of today’s run-programme. Today’s laptimes from both Williams and Mercedes look very quick, but I don’t think any of the teams have been running to identical programmes, so it’s still hard to say.


“As a team, we’re not quite there yet, but we have more to come. Our car feels like it has potential – unlike last year’s car, where you could feel its problems when you were driving. This year, it feels like an F1 car.


“In terms of preparation, you always feel like you can do more – if we had more time, we wouldn’t stop! But, from a driving perspective, I think I’ve got all the basics covered in order to go out there and do a race. I don’t feel uncomfortable going into a grand prix now – I feel that I know all the procedures, I know what’s important, and I know what to focus on in a race weekend. And that’s really positive.


“It’s a very special feeling knowing that the next time I get in the car, it’ll be in Australia. I’ve got a big job ahead of me, but I’m pretty excited. I feel ready.”


1 Felipe Massa              Williams                        1m33.258s        99 laps

2 Nico Rosberg             Mercedes AMG             1m33.484s        103 laps

3 Kimi Raikkonen          Ferrari                           1m35.426s        87 laps

4 Kevin Magnussen      McLaren Mercedes       1m35.894s        88 laps

5 Daniil Kvyat                Scuderia Toro Rosso     1m36.113s        81 laps

6 Nico Hulkenberg         Force India                    1m36.205s        115 laps

7 Jules Bianchi              Marussia                       1m37.087s        78 laps

8 Marcus Ericsson         Caterham                      1m38.083s        117 laps

9 Romain Grosjean        Lotus                            1m42.166s        33 laps

10 Adrian Sutil               Sauber                          –                       1 lap

11 Sebastian Vettel       Red Bull Racing                        –           1 lap


What’s next      Jenson drives the last day of winter testing. Afterwards, we pack up, go home and then fly to Melbourne!


Test dates        Four days (February 27-March 2)