After reviewing the collision between Michael Schumacher and Bruno Senna, Spanish Grand Prix stewards decide to penalise the Mercedes driver.

On lap 13 Schumacher ran into the back of Senna at the first corner, they were contesting eighth position. Schumacher had stopped for fresh tyres on lap 10 and appeared to have a considerable speed advantage over Senna who had yet to stop. Schumacher attempted to pass but instead ran into the rear of the Williams. He was out immediately, stationary in the gravel trap, Senna spun, then limped on for a short distance but was unable to continue.

The two drivers blamed each other for the incident. Schumacher threw his steering wheel and shook his head as he exited his beached car. His later statement left little doubt that he considered Senna to be responsible for the collision.

“Obviously I am not happy with the outcome of the race as I think we could have achieved some nice points today. But then this is sometimes what you have to go through in racing. It is not easy to see from the TV replays but what happened from my viewpoint was that he [Senna] went to the right to defend the inside line, and then suddenly, shortly before the braking point, went to the left. When you are so tight together in the braking zone, you have no other choice than to try to react and avoid hitting but it was too late.”

Senna had a very different interpretation of events: “Of course, he’s not going to say it’s his fault but at the end of the day he had much newer tyres than me. I was on very old rubber, so I guess our braking points were uneven for turn one… When I went to brake, he probably just tried to cross and he hit me.”

The Stewards summoned both Senna and Schumacher as the race drew to a close. After reviewing the incident and listening to their explanations, they determined Schumacher was guilty of causing a collision and imposed a drop of five grid positions for the next event