Ring Automotive & Marussia Virgin Racing Team Up

Monaco Grand Prix

Thursday 26 May 2011

Marussia Virgin Racing is pleased to announce that it has formed a new partnership with Ring Automotive, one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of vehicle lighting and auto-electrical products in the UK and across the world, exporting to over 70 countries.

Established in 1974, Ring Automotive has become synonymous with quality and innovative developments in the world of vehicle lighting and auto-electrical products.

As part of this new relationship for the Formula One 2011 season, the Ring Automotive logo will be displayed on the car’s side pod turning vanes during Grands Prix this season.

What better place to commence the relationship than at the sport’s ‘jewel in the crown’ event, the Monaco Grand Prix this weekend, taking place in the glamorous setting of Monte Carlo. A race every driver wants to perform well in, it is also a race that is usually full of surprise and delight where teams up and down the pitlane can find themselves in a position to take advantage.

For Ring Automotive and Marussia Virgin Racing, it promises to be an exciting debut for the partnership.

Andy Webb, CEO, Marussia Virgin Racing CEO

“As we embark on an exciting weekend of racing here in Monaco, I am delighted to welcome Ring Automotive to the team as an official partner. This is another example of how Marussia Virgin Racing can tailor its commercial approach to suit the bespoke requirements of an individual partner and this is very much the hallmark of our offering. We look forward to a fantastic weekend together and to helping Ring Automotive to activate their marketing initiatives in order to get the maximum benefit from their association with our team.”

George Skalski, Managing Director, Ring Automotive

“Ring Automotive is delighted to be partnering with Marussia Virgin Racing. We’ve identified a strong interest in F1 with our customer base which makes it wholly apposite that we should use this platform to promote our business and our products. Thanks to our relationship with LDC, who were one of the founding investors in the team, they provided the introduction which led to the opportunity we are about to enjoy. Through our association with the team we will be able to initiate some exciting marketing opportunities as we grow our brands together. We look forward to a successful year ahead and we also wish the team all the best on the track.”