Chinese Grand Prix Preview


13-15 APRIL 2018



Welcome to China! Shanghai presents the third race, and the first back-to-back, of the season. Whilst teams focus on on-track performance, it’s easy to ignore the logistical challenge this race brings. The beginning of the season is a constant race to manufacture and deliver car parts to the track, and with races back-to-back, each team’s machine shop will be working overdrive to deliver everything in time. The team endured a difficult weekend in Bahrain and is working hard on finding solutions going forward.
For China, Pirelli has made available the medium, soft and ultrasoft tyres.


Paddy Lowe: We head to China for the first back-to-back race of the season. The Shanghai International Circuit is a great track with some demanding high-speed corners and a long back straight which is traditionally good for overtaking. It is an important race as it is an exciting new market for Formula one with a rapidly growing fan base. It has produced some thrilling races over the years especially because the weather can be a bit challenging which tends to give some twists to the weekend. It can also be very cold at this time of year – one of the coldest races of the season – so always remember to bring your warm clothes to China!


Lance Stroll: Last year the weather wasn’t great and I remember it being quite foggy, wet and cold at the start of the weekend. This aside, it is a good track to drive as it has high speed corners and there is a nice flow to it. Last year in qualifying we were quite competitive, but then it was a shame what happened in the race. Hopefully we will have some better weather this year, a better result and that it will be an enjoyable weekend.


Sergey Sirotkin: China is quite a difficult track with difficult weather conditions which can affect tyre wear and car behaviour. It has some very nice long, high-speed corners as well as quite good overtaking opportunities, and it probably has one of the heaviest braking zones of the season. So yeah, it’s a challenging track and it’s really new to me. I know that it’s not going to be easy but hopefully with a good amount of laps and some clean running, we can build our confidence and deliver a better result in Shanghai.