• Felix Rosenqvist takes his second pole of the season
  • Mahindra Racing retire both cars from the race


3rd MARCH, 2018, MEXICO CITY – Mahindra Racing returned to Mexico City after a year for the third Mexico City E-Prix. While the track does not hold the best memories for the team, both drivers and the team were ready to get going and come back out on top.

A dusty track that cleaned up with every session saw Nick put himself in a firm tenth position, and started from eight on the grid due to the two DS-Virgin cars being awarded penalties.

Felix Rosenqvist in an absolutely electrifying lap took Super Pole comfortably and was all set to control the race from the green lights.

A clean start for Felix meant that he was out ahead of the field and maintained a safe distance to the quick NIO of Oliver Turvey. Nick dropped two positions down the order while attempting to avoid collisions and other adverse incidents. As the pack started battling each other and the field was filled with fast charging and hard fighting cars,
Felix capitalised on this race pack drama and started to pull away comfortably from the second car. However, on lap 15, Felix’s car slowed down to a complete halt, affected by a Battery Management System error. Over the course of the next few laps, after stopping and starting a few times, the Swede switched cars in order to continue his charge on a fresh set of wheels. However, with an early stop and hence a need to conserve too much energy, attempting to pull along to the finish would have been nothing short of pointless. Taking a mature decision, the team retired the car.

A few laps after Nick’s routine pitstop, he started experiencing some mechanical issues, and he was forced to stop and start a few times. Rather than go on fruitlessly, the second car was also pitted.

The only way is forward though and the team are determined to find the source of the problem for both drivers, fix it, and bounce back in true Mahindra Racing fashion.

Team Principal & CEO Dilbagh Gill, “A very disappointing day for us, pole position, a comfortable race lead. Unfortunately, a common part, the battery, failed on Felix’s car but at the end of the day we’re still positive that we had the car to win.”

Nick Heidfeld, “It was not the best race start, we were bunched up and I tried to avoid doing anything crazy in the first half of the race. After the pit-stop, the car felt good on my outlap and I had my sights set on making up some positions; unfortunately, soon after I had a technical problem with my car, and there was nothing else to do except box the car.”

Felix Rosenqvist, “One of those rare days when I can say it was quite a perfect Saturday. Right from the practice sessions through to qualifying. I was out in front with a comfortable three second lead and it was getting better. It was all a bit too good to be true, but the issue was not in our hands. We need to move forward from here and get back to the top.”

Up next!
The next E-Prix takes place on March 17th 2018 in Punta Del Este, Uruguay. The team returns to Uruguay after a one year gap, most definitely wiser and more in control, and without doubt refreshed, renewed and ready to go into battle for the top once again.

Mahindra Racing statistics for the 2017-18 FIA Formula E Season 

  • 2 wins
  • 3 podiums
  • 2 Julius Bär Pole Position
  • 1 VISA Fastest Lap Awards
  • 5 Super Pole appearances
  • 90 points