F1: 2017 Italian GP Practice – Red Bull Racing

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F1: 2017 Italian GP Practice – Red Bull Racing




First Practice session: 1:22.749, Position: 6, Laps: 23

Second Practice Session: 1:22.409, Position: 5, Laps: 34

“We are more or less where we expected to be with the car today. It is hard for us on this track with the long straights which we have to combine with a very low downforce setting so we just try to make the best of it. We will start the race a bit further back with the penalties but hopefully I can enjoy overtaking a good number of cars on Sunday. It makes sense to take the penalties here as this track is already not that good for us, Singapore is better for our car so we don’t want to risk anything there.”



First Practice Session: 1:22.742 Position: 5, Laps: 28

Second Practice Session: 1:22.752, Position: 6, Laps: 22

We were pretty competitive in those conditions today. We’ll make some minor adjustments tonight but generally the car feels quite good here. If it’s wet tomorrow we’ll probably try everything and see if we have a chance for a pole position. If it’s dry we’ll have to assess further, because even if I’m pole position I’ll probably start at the back. Even though I’ve got the penalty I’m actually excited for tomorrow and the race on Sunday, knowing we’ll start at the back we have a chance to have a fun race. Of course it’s disappointing knowing that the chance of a Monza podium is unlikely, but the chance of a fun race is there. I expected this a few races ago so at least I was prepared, however I’m excited for the chance to pass a few people on Sunday.”






Free time!


The Italian Grand Prix is regularly the quickest of the season by time – with the grand prix usually falling between the 1hr17m to 1hr19m mark. With two hours allotted for the race it means that we’re getting a whole 40 minutes free. Yay! But what should we do with the extra time. Here are a few suggestions…


  1. Run a really fast 15km – You’ll need to be really quick but if you’re world class then you might be able to match Leonard Patrick Komon who broke the world record over 15km at the 27th ABN-AMRO Zevenheuvelenloop, or Seven Hills Run, in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, in 2010. Running in cool but sunny conditions the 22-year-old clocked 41:13. OK maybe that’s too ambitious but you could try a quick 5km, which for an average 35-year-old male or female should be about 30 mins. You’ll need the extra 10 minutes to cool down.


  1. Listen to a classic vinyl album – back in the day, before CDs (for the kids among you they were silver discs with a music capacity of about 74 minutes) there were things called LPs. Now, some people insist on calling these things ‘vinyls’, which is of course completely stupid and utterly wrong. They are records, albums, LPs and they generally carried about 40 minutes of music. Indeed, perhaps the ultimate classic album, the Beatles’ Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band has a running time of 39:42. In that you get gems such as title track, With a Little Help From My Friends, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, She’s Leaving Home, Within You, Without You and of course A Day In the Life. OK, if you’re really dull you can listen to it on Spotify too.


  1. Watch Two Soldiers Every year the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences hands out an Oscar for Best Live Action Short Film and in 2003 the statuette was presented to director Aaron Schneider’s film Two Soldiers. The film, set during WWII, tells the tale of two brothers, Pete and Willie Grier, one older, one a child, who share a close bond as the elder brother teaches his sibling the ways of their backwoods lifestyle. Their peaceful life is broken by news of the Pearl Harbor attacks and Pete, eager to serve his country, enlists, leaving Willie without his best friend and brother. Willie decided to pursue his brother in order to also serve and sets off on an odyssey of self-discovery. It’s beautiful, quite moving and yep, the run time is exactly 40 minutes.


  1. Watch a re-run of last weekend’s Moto GP race – What with the hectic nature of the Formula One schedule and the fact that it started midway through last weekend’s F1 Belgian GP can we suggest that you watch a re-run of last weekend’s MotoGP British Grand Prix. Yep, it took Andrea Dovizioso 45m 45s to win the race ahead of Maverick Viñales and Valentino Rossi. What? Have we given it away? Sorry about that.


  1. Have a nap – it’s a back-to-back and we’re facing a whole bunch of debilitating flyaway races, so why not get your head down for 40 minutes and get some rest, you’re going to need it. Also, it’s proven to be good for you. A groundbreaking NASA study from 1995 looked at the beneficial effects of napping among 747 pilots. Each participant was allowed to nap for 40 minutes during the day, sleeping on average for 25.8 minutes. Those who napped “demonstrated vigilance performance improvements from 16% in median reaction time to 34% in lapses compared to the No-Rest Group.” There you go, we think.
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