Barcelona, March 2, 2017. The first four days of pre-season Formula 1 testing concluded today at the Spanish circuit of Montmelò. A total of 3185 laps were covered, that means 14.826 kms.

From Monday to Wednesday, the drivers tested the new wider slick tyres on 2017 cars for the first time. Today they also tried the wet-weather tyres on an artificially-dampened circuit, using both the full wet and intermediate.

Mario Isola, Pirelli Racing Manager: “We’re satisfied with the results of these four days. From what we can see up to now, the new product is in line with our expectations. For the 2017 season, the sport asked us to develop tyres with less degradation, which allow drivers to push to the maximum. That’s what we’ve seen during these four days of testing so far, and what we’ll continue to see in the second four-day session next week.

During the first session, the lap times have already been lowered considerably. The target was for lap times that were five seconds faster compared to Barcelona in 2015. Yesterday, Valtteri Bottas set a best time of 1m19.705s on ultrasoft tyres. Considering that the pole time in 2015 at Barcelona was 1m24.681s, I would say that this objective has been met.

Today, we also saw the new wet weather tyres on track for the first time on the 2017 cars. The combination of new dimensions and a new tread pattern means that the water expulsion capacity of the Cinturato Blue full wet tyre has gone up from 65 to 85 litres of water per second, per tyre, at 300kph. The Cinturato Green intermediate also has an increase: from 25 to 30 litres of water per second dispersed.

We’ve now collected plenty more data for our engineers to analyse ahead of the next test session that takes place from March 7-10, again in Barcelona.”

Driver Team Compound LapTime
Hamilton Mercedes SOFT 01:21,765
Vettel Ferrari MEDIUM 01:21,878
Massa Williams SOFT 01:22,076
Magnussen Haas SOFT 01:22,894
Ricciardo Red Bull SOFT 01:22,926
Bottas Mercedes SOFT 01:23,169
Perez Force India SOFT 01:23,709
Sainz J Toro Rosso MEDIUM 01:24,494
Hulkenberg Renault MEDIUM 01:24,784
Alonso McLaren SOFT 01:24,852
Ericsson Sauber MEDIUM 01:26,841


Driver Team Compound LapTime
Raikkonen Ferrari SOFT 01:20,960
Hamilton Mercedes SUPERSOFT 01:20,983
Verstappen Red Bull SOFT 01:22,200
Magnussen Haas SUPERSOFT 01:22,204
Ocon Force India SUPERSOFT 01:22,509
Kvyat Toro Rosso SOFT 01:22,956
Bottas Mercedes SOFT 01:22,986
Palmer Renault SOFT 01:24,139
Giovinazzi Renault SOFT 01:24,617
Vandoorne McLaren SOFT 01:25,600
Stroll Williams MEDIUM 01:26,040


Driver Team Compound LapTime
Bottas Mercedes ULTRASOFT 01:19,705
Vettel Ferrari SOFT 01:19,952
Ricciardo Red Bull SOFT 01:21,153
Palmer Renault SOFT 01:21,396
Hulkenberg Renault SOFT 01:21,791
Ericsson Sauber SUPERSOFT 01:21,824
Hamilton Mercedes SOFT 01:22,090
Grosjean Haas SUPERSOFT 01:22,118
Stroll Williams SOFT 01:22,351
Alonso McLaren ULTRASOFT 01:22,598
Sainz J Toro Rosso MEDIUM 01:23,540
Celis Force India ULTRASOFT 01:23,568
Kvyat Toro Rosso MEDIUM 01:23,952


Driver Team Compound LapTime
Raikkonen Ferrari SOFT 01:20,872
Verstappen Red Bull SOFT 01:21,769
Palmer Renault SOFT 01:21,778
Grosjean Haas MEDIUM 01:22,309
Giovinazzi Sauber ULTRASOFT 01:22,401
Perez Force India SUPERSOFT 01:22,534
Vandoorne McLaren ULTRASOFT 01:22,576
Bottas Mercedes SOFT 01:23,443
Hulkenberg Renault SOFT 01:24,974


Driver Team Compound LapTime Test Day
Bottas Mercedes ULTRASOFT 01:19,705 DAY 3
Vettel Ferrari SOFT 01:19,952 DAY 3
Raikkonen Ferrari SOFT 01:20,960 DAY 2
Hamilton Mercedes SUPERSOFT 01:20,983 DAY 2
Ricciardo Red Bull SOFT 01:21,153 DAY 3
Palmer Renault SOFT 01:21,396 DAY 3
Verstappen Red Bull SOFT 01:21,769 DAY 4
Hulkenberg Renault SOFT 01:21,791 DAY 3
Ericsson Sauber SUPERSOFT 01:21,824 DAY 3
Massa Williams SOFT 01:22,076 DAY 1
Grosjean Haas SUPERSOFT 01:22,118 DAY 3
Magnussen Haas SUPERSOFT 01:22,204 DAY 2
Stroll Williams SOFT 01:22,351 DAY 3
Giovinazzi Sauber ULTRASOFT 01:22,401 DAY 4
Ocon Force India SUPERSOFT 01:22,509 DAY 2
Perez Force India SUPERSOFT 01:22,534 DAY 4
Vandoorne McLaren ULTRASOFT 01:22,576 DAY 4
Alonso McLaren ULTRASOFT 01:22,598 DAY 3
Kvyat Toro Rosso SOFT 01:22,956 DAY 2
Sainz J Toro Rosso MEDIUM 01:23,540 DAY 3
Celis Force India ULTRASOFT 01:23,568 DAY 3