The FIA held its second World Motor Sport Council of the year today in Geneva following the extraordinary meeting which took place on 18 January

FIA Formula One World Championship

The World Motor Sport Council approved a number of minor changes to the 2017 Technical Regulations covering:

–        The rewording of some existing articles for better clarity.

–        A reordering of Article 3.

For the 2017 Sporting Regulations, a number of amendments were approved concerning:

–        Further precision around the procedure for the implementation of a standing start after an initial Safety Car start due to heavy rain.

–        An update to the definition of the race distance for races involving safety car starts.

–        The requirement for drivers to remain above the minimum time set by the FIA when entering the pit lane behind a Safety Car.

–        Work permitted on cars during a race suspension.

–        The regulations governing testing.

–        Changes to the wording of the Sporting Regulations to bring it in line with the International Sporting Code.

–        Clarifications around team operational personnel limitations.

Some rewording for clarity was approved for the 2018 Technical Regulations, while an amendment to Appendix 8 (regarding Restricted CFD simulations) of the 2018 Sporting Regulations.

These changes will be updated in the relevant regulation documents on the

The World Motor Sport Council approved the extension of the current contract with McLaren Applied Technologies to supply the Standard ECU (SECU) in line with the continuation of the current Power Units until 2021. This will minimise the cost and disruption to teams and engine manufacturers.