12 NOVEMBER 2016
MAX VERSTAPPEN, Position: 4th , 1:11.485 (Practice 3 – P5 1:12.077)
“I was just a little disappointed with my last lap, I was expecting someone to jump ahead of me so Kimi being in front wasn’t a big surprise. It was an odd session, Q1 and Q2 felt good but then I wasn’t very happy with the grip of the new set of tyres I got. We need to look into this as the rear felt slick in sector 2, we will analyse and hopefully figure out why. We have ended up very close to third position which realistically is the best we can do in dry conditions so todays result is still pretty good. We have split the Ferraris which means we will have a fun race on our hands tomorrow, especially if the weather changes. It was a bit of a shame the rain stayed away for qualifying. We had a few drops but not enough to make conditions swing in our favour, it is supposed to rain more tomorrow so let’s look forward to that. With some wet track condition our level of grip compared to other cars should come up a bit.  Long run pace looks good so after a strong start we can put on a good race. I will go out there tomorrow to perform the best I can and deliver the highest finish position possible for the team. I haven’t paid much attention to the stories of Mercedes talking with Red Bull, Nikki was in our hospitality but he just likes our food and drinks, they are very good. He is Austrian so perhaps just wanted an Austrian drink.”
DANIEL RICCIARDO, Position: 6th, 1:11.540 (Practice 3 – P6 1:12.287)
“I feel so-so about 6th place today. I felt we made progress from Q1-Q2 and then in Q3 I was little bit disappointed with my lap. Probably didn’t get the balance right in myself. It’s a tough track and it’s quite a short lap so if you make a mistake in one corner it’s very hard to make up that time.  I had a good first sector but was probably a little bit conservative, a couple of corners where I was trying to not make a mistake more than trying to gain some time. We knew qualy would be tight with Ferrari in dry conditions, and it is close and I think that’s what makes it a little frustrating, but I’ll learn from that and hopefully tomorrow we can have a good race. It’s fun when it’s that close but not fun when you are the last of the bunch. The forecast has said all week that Sunday had the highest chance of rain, hopefully that’s true, just to spice things up a bit, and if so then we’ll try and make it exciting for everyone else and give the fans an opportunity to see a good race. If it rains tomorrow it’s going to be a lot of fun.”
CHRISTIAN HORNER, Team Principal: “A very tight qualifying to end up fourth and sixth. Looking at the grid positions for tomorrow’s race there’s only a tenth and a half between third and sixth place today. Max unfortunately lost a little bit of time in the middle sector on his last lap when he was set for an improvement but hopefully, with chances of mixed weather conditions tomorrow, from those grid positions we can make good progress in the race.”
Road and Track
We ask some of the people who make our team tick to pick out their favourite moments and machines in motorsport and on the road. This time it’s our Senior Strategy Engineer Hannah McMillan.
1. What was the first race you ever attended?
It was the British Grand Prix at Silverstone when I first started working at Red Bull in 2009. It was a great experience to finally see and hear it all live.
2. What’s the most beautiful road car ever made?
Tricky question, the most beautiful car I’ve ever had the chance to drive (because how can you choose without having driven it?) would have to be a 1958 MG A twin cam, lovingly restored and perfect for a drive through the countryside – providing it’s a sunny day!
3. What was the first road car you owned and was it any good?
I had an old turquoise Nissan Micra, it was full of character and I loved it. Only the driver-side door opened and the glove box pinged open on every speed bump so I’m not sure how good it was. But it doesn’t matter does it: your first car equals freedom.
4. What car do you own now and why did you buy it?
I have a VW Golf GTD. I wanted something fun to drive that was also easy to park on London’s streets and that was economical enough that I could afford the fuel for the commute to Milton Keynes. It fits the bill perfectly. It’s not quite the dream car – maybe one day..
5. When you were first getting into motorsport who were you a fan of?
Without wanting to be clichéd, Michael Schumacher was a legend. I had a German boyfriend at the time so Michael was pretty much the man when I first started watching the sport.
6. What’s your favourite circuit, in F1 or outside the sport?
Suzuka. It was my first time attending the race there this year and it’s such an interesting track. Even when you run round it it’s not boring for a second so it must be even more amazing to drive. Also, the fans are so enthusiastic there and they create a unique atmosphere.
7. What’s the thing in motorsport that you’d most like to achieve but haven’t?
On a personal level, a perfect race – one where there’s nothing at all you would have done differently, even with hindsight. Apparently, those might not exist though!
8. What’s the one that got away throughout your career?
I haven’t been travelling long enough yet to feel that something has got away, but I am looking forward to the days to come when we’re once again in the mix for a championship title. Speaking with other engineers, they say it’s a special thrill and a privilege to be in those moments, and that’s what we’re all here for.
9. If you had an Aston Martin for a day where would you take it and who would you be with?
My favourite road trip of all time was driving along the coast road in California, so I’d do that and I’d take my fiancé. That would be amazing in an Aston Martin – although I may need it for a little more than a day!