11 NOVEMBER 2016
First Practice Session: 1:12.371, Position: 4, Laps: 27
Second Practice Session: 1:12.828, Position: 5, Laps: 43
“Today it was really hot and you could feel the tyres were having a hard time, and it means we were not as quick as we’d like. On the long run today I didn’t feel we were that strong towards the end of it but I feel that once the track cools it’s going to be completely different. We are a bit closer to Mercedes than we probably expected, and there’s still a bit more to come from the car, but to really have a chance to win then I think we need some rain to help us. The rain would be fun just to change it up a little bit but even if it’s just cooler tomorrow and on Sunday as forecast it will be better on the tyres. Of course we will try and improve what we have done today but I think tomorrow will be another story.”
First Practice Session: 1:11.991, Position: 2, Laps: 29
Second Practice Session: 1:12.928, Position: 6, Laps: 45
“First practice was really good this morning, we then made some changes for second practice which meant my short run pace wasn’t fantastic, along with the increase in track temperature. We went back on some of those changes and the long run in FP2 looked quite positive. I think we are happy with the pace over that distance, we just need to make some modifications for tomorrow to get the short distance pace back. Using both the soft and medium compound today meant we got a good understanding of how they will react around here, no real surprises to be honest. Mercedes are still too far ahead in my opinion but after them we are up there and competitive. I am hoping it will rain on Sunday as this will close the gap, give us a good shot at winning and add to the excitement. If conditions are like this then it will be a bit tougher for us to be up front.”
Brazilian bonanza!
There’s always something special about coming to the Brazilian Grand Prix: amazing atmosphere, challenging circuit, great racing…. and meat, lots and lots of meat. In yesterday’s drivers’ press conference Daniel Ricciardo confessed that he was errr… somewhat relieved to have relieved himself of his race week feast. But while the body of a racing driver is a temple not be excessively defiled over a race weekend, the rest of us still have a couple more nights of carnivorous over-indulgence to get through. To celebrate piling on the pounds in Sao Paulo here are five other large-scale eats…
1.     World’s largest BBQ – This honour goes to a vehicle named ‘The Undisputable Cuz’, formerly owned by Texan couple Terry and Kim Folsom. The Cuz is a 40-tonne, 76ft long BBQ-ing beast and is so big it has to be carried on a big rig truck. The 24-door cooker can flame four tonnes of meat at a time and is also fitted with a walk-in cooler, beer taps and space for a television and stereo. Last year the couple put it up for sale on eBay. The asking price? $350,000 (£233,170).
2.     World’s longest sushi roll – Sushi: it’s simple, clean and very healthy… unless of course the sushi roll is 2,521 metres long. The roll of honour was built by Sushkof Restaurant in Russia in December 2011. Over 60 chefs used 1,500 kilos of rice, 500kg of cucumbers, 14,000 pieces of seaweed, 20kg of smoked salmon, 30kg of tuna fish and 25kg of sesame for the monster meal. Over 20 litres of soya sauce were used to season the Rolls of rolls.
3.     World’s largest pizza – In 2012, a group of chefs in Rome cooked up a pizza with a surface area of 1,261.65 square metres. The enormous pie was made up of 5,234 sheets of dough and used 4,000kg of tomatoes and mozzarella cheese, 190 litres of oil, 250kg of salt and 125kg of Parmesan cheese.
4.     World’s largest burger – The world-record-breaking ‘Absolutely Ridiculous Burger’ can be found on the menu at Mallie’s Sports Bar in Michigan. The 134-pound burger (post-cooking weight) is topped with cheese, bacon, and well, probably the entire contents of the restaurant’s cold store. It’s housed in a giant 50-pound bun and measures two feet in diameter. Can you actually order it though? The answer is that in 2008, when the record was set, Mallie’s was happy to cook the beast as long as they had 24 hours’ notice and a guarantee that the hungry customer would hand over $400 for the privilege of tucking into the beefy behemoth.
5.     World’s largest restaurant? – Never mind all those enormo-burgers and super-sushi rolls, big eats don’t come much bigger than those served at Bangkok’s Royal Dragon restaurant. No one is quite sure if the Dragon, awarded the record by Guinness in 1992, remains the planet’s largest restaurant but with 5,000 seats in its expansive 8.35-acre establishment it’s certainly up there. The ever-efficient staff churn out as many as 3,000 dishes an hour and the restaurant is so large that servers use roller skates to deliver food to hungry guests.