22 OCTOBER 2016
DANIEL RICCIARDO, Position: 3rd, 1:35.509 (Practice 3 – P2 1:37.032)
“I’m happy with qualifying for sure. It was pretty much the best we could do today, good progression and we got quicker and quicker. We start on the supersofts and the guys around me are on softs so I hope that works out well for me. We suspected that would be the case and I was happy to do it, hopefully it gives me a little bit off the start and we can challenge the first lap. The supersofts probably won’t have as much range as the softs so you want to try and get at least a handful of laps out of them, but ideally it puts me in a better position off the start and hopefully I can dictate my own pace as opposed to fighting in traffic.”
MAX VERSTAPPEN, Position: 4th, 1:35.747 (Practice 3 – P1 1:36.766)
“Being both on the second row is not a bad result at all. For me the qualifying started off well but didn’t end great. I was happy to qualify in Q2 on the soft and that was a good lap, from there on it was quite difficult. The first run in Q3 was ok, I was just building up, and then the second run went well until the last corner where I lost some time due to over steer. I have three cars in front of me so there will need to be some passing during the race and hopefully starting on the soft compound will help. Mercedes have shown in qualifying that they are pretty strong and will be hard to beat. Our focus needs to be on what comes from behind us. Daniel and I starting on different strategies means we have options to attack or defend so I hope it is an exciting race.”
CHRISTIAN HORNER, Team Principal: “A strong qualifying by both of our drivers to line up third and fourth on the grid. We adopted a different strategy for the drivers in Q2 with Daniel on the supersoft tyres and Max on the softs, which was not only the drivers’ preference but also from the team perspective it gives us different options for race strategy. We know Mercedes are always very strong on a Saturday but we had encouraging race pace yesterday and hopefully we can use that to good effect in the Grand Prix tomorrow.”
Road and Track
We ask some of the people who make our team tick to pick out their favourite moments and machines in motorsport and on the road. This time it’s our Chief Engineering Officer, Rob Marshall.
1. What was the first race you ever attended?
Well, there wasn’t a race going on, as it had long been derelict, but when I was very young we lived a short walk from Brooklands race track. It was an inspiring place. I can still remember the thrill of tobogganing down the banking on the skin of an old fridge door, which is considerably more dangerous than going around the banking at 100mph in a car!
2. What’s the most beautiful road car ever made?
I think the Ferrari Dino or a pre-war Alfa Romeo 8C. They are just iconic shapes and beautiful from any view.
3. What’s the most beautiful race car ever made?
Not easy to choose but I think a Ferrari 250 SWB is pretty special. The Aston Martin DB3s would also be at, or close, to the top of my list
4. What was the first road car you owned and was it any good?
My first car was a 1965 MG Midget. It was mostly held together with rust but it served me well for four years and it was great fun. It was so underpowered you had to plan an overtaking manoeuvre about three corners ahead to get some momentum. Often, the car in front would not even realise they were in a race, while I was hanging on for all I was worth.
5. What car do you own now and why did you buy it?
I still have my second car, a 1961 MGA. It’s a beautiful thing and has never let me down in 25 years. My grandmother left me some money and it was the best car I could get for the cash.
6. When you were first getting into motorsport who were you a fan of?
Nigel Mansell was a class act. He just gave it everything.
7. What’s your favourite circuit, in F1 or outside the sport?
Spa is awesome. You can look up to Eau Rouge from the pit lane. It’s like the Matterhorn for cars. It just needs a cable car and a snowcap.
8. What’s the thing in motorsport that you’d most like to achieve but haven’t?
The big problem with Formula One is that it is a big commitment. I’d love to have the time to do some vintage racing myself but I just don’t have the time to commit. I know I’d be rubbish but it would be great fun. I always fancied restoring and racing a Riley 9.
9. What’s the one that got away throughout your career?
The 2009 world championship. I thought we had a mega car until the Brawn turned up with an extra diffuser and a few holes, which I still find hard to believe were deemed legal. Having said that, the season was a great story for the Brawn employees who had all been through the mill with the threat of redundancy and they deserved a bit of a break.
10. What would be your race number and why?
I don’t have a lucky number. If you pick a number then there are a lot left that are unlucky for you.
11. If you had an Aston Martin for a day where would you take it and who would you be with?
I’d want a DB2/4 MK3. I’d take my wife and kids to watch Bath win the European Rugby Champions Cup. A nice trip to Rome or Toulon. I might be a bit late giving it back!