Belgian Grand Prix

27 August

RAIKKONEN Chassis 317 VETTEL Chassis 314
Q1 P2 1:47.912 New Supersoft – 3 laps P1 1:47.802 New Supersoft – 3 laps
Q2 P5 1:47.664 New Soft – 3 laps P8 1:47.944 New Soft – 3 laps
  New Supersoft – 2 laps New Supersoft – 2 laps
Q3 P3 1:46.910 New Supersoft – 2 laps P4 1:47.108 New Supersoft – 3 laps
  New Supersoft – 3 laps New Supersoft – 3 laps
Weather: air 30/31 °C, track 43/44 °C. Sunny
Kimi Raikkonen
So far it has been a decent weekend, the car was behaving well today and we had the speed. My first run in Q3 was very good, but I went sideways and off track. The second attempt was even better, but in the last chicane I had some slight understeer and lost a few tenths compared to my Q2 sector. Today I felt we had the chance to get pole position, so I’m a bit disappointed, my laptime was not good enough. On a positive side, we are very close compared to the last couple of races. We decided to start the race with Soft tires, if you can make them work it will make a massive difference, we’ll see how the race will pan out but I think our plan will be fine. We’ll do our best, of course the hot conditions won’t be easy for the tires, but it’s the same for everybody. Hopefully we’ll be up there fighting also tomorrow.
Sebastian Vettel
I’m sure we made a step forward from yesterday! If you look at the gaps between the cars, they are very close, so tomorrow it should be a good race. Obviously you always want a little bit more, the exit of the last corner in particular wasn’t very strong, so I can’t be happy with that. The rest of the lap was ok, we had a much better balance than on Friday, but it’s important to be fast in all three sectors to be up there. We decided to start the race on the Soft tires, we believe that this is the best strategy, we’ll see tomorrow. Anything can happen, there could even be some rain, in Spa you never know…