First Practice Session: 1:23.174, Position: 5, Laps: 28

Second Practice Session: 1:21.030, Position: 2, Laps: 36

“We’re looking pretty good, we’d like to be a bit closer to Mercedes but at the moment we’re sitting sort-of second best, a bit quicker than Ferrari today, so we are more or less where we expected to be. We knew it would be close with Ferrari, so if we can keep our nose in front that would be nice. I think we’re in a pretty good position for a Friday. The new track surface isn’t massively different, it’s a bit smoother but the nature of the track is still the same. I was a little bit worried it would lose some of its character, but I think it’s still much the same. As more cars drive on the track during the weekend, it should come up and get quicker and quicker. We have to target top three; the last two years we have had podiums here, so three years in a row would be nice.”




First Practice Session: 1:23.457, Position: 6, Laps: 27

Second Practice Session: 1:21.770, Position: 4, Laps: 35

“We started quite easily in FP1 today and worked through our programme. FP2 was much better; we were a lot closer to the pace of the Mercedes and the long runs were looking good so I’m happy about that. I made a little mistake in the last sector on my fast lap but these things happen, hopefully just today and not tomorrow. I want to improve the car a bit for the race, Ferrari are not too far away so we shall see what happens tomorrow in qualifying.  The weather on Sunday could be warmer which usually means more issues with the tyres but it’s the same for everyone so let’s wait and see. For me the kerbs are quite ok here, if you have an oversteer moment then you can go wide but otherwise it’s ok to stay within the limits of the track.”






Five tell-tale signs that your colleague has got the calendar wrong


The shape of the F1 calendar follows a well-defined and time-honoured pattern that sees Spain lead us on to Monaco, which in turns sends us on our way to Canada. Except this year it’s all gone horribly wrong and this season’s Hungarian Grand Prix isn’t quite the gentle slide towards holidays it normally is. But has everyone received the memo? Here are five sure-fire indicators that one of your colleagues isn’t quite on the pace.


  1. He/she can’t understand why you all burst out laughing when he says how much he’s looking forward to that direct flight to the Maldives on Monday.
  2. The question “alright then Einstein, who won ‘last week’s’ German Grand Prix?” is met with a slightly concerned expression and then a long blank stare.
  3. He/she spends half an hour tearing his/her bag apart in a blind panic having “lost every effing receipt from Germany”.
  4. He/she spends 20 minutes fulminating about that idiot editor demanding previews for the next race by next Friday. Doesn’t the bloody fool know Spa is weeks away?
  5. He/she spent all last week methodically clearing his/her desk, switching off systems and shredding documents in anticipation of the shutdown.