First Practice Session: 1:08.528, Position: 5, Laps: 35

Second Practice Session: 1:08.649, Position: 5, Laps: 30

“I think we’ve had a pretty good day and didn’t fight the car too much today. This morning we got up to speed pretty quickly, which was important. Then this afternoon was crazy. The level of rain was really high during the session, but it was actually good to experience two different conditions. The rain was so local and came in really hard at Turn 8 and 9 so that part of the track was especially tricky. If in the race you get that part of the track first before the others then you could be quite unlucky. It’s been a track where we struggled a bit in the past, but I felt pretty comfortable from lap one so I think we are more or less there and won’t be here until midnight tonight trying to find a set up. We are pretty close to where we need to be so that’s a good start. If it rains tomorrow then anything is possible. It’ll be very interesting.”




First Practice Session: 1:08.962, Position: 8, Laps: 21

Second Practice Session: 1:08.761, Position: 7, Laps: 20

“The first session today was a bit shorter than I would have liked, so we lost a bit of time there and also at the beginning of the second session. The car wasn’t quite ready due to the damage we suffered in the first session so that put us on the back foot a bit. We would have liked to run more but I’m pretty happy heading into Saturday with the laps I did, it wasn’t too bad. I actually didn’t expect to be that close so I’m quite happy. The kerbs are pretty high and can cause damage as we saw, but it’s up to us to stay off them and respect the track limits. I didn’t know they would be so hard on the car, perhaps one longer kerb instead of lots of smaller ones would be better. Looking ahead at the weather for the rest of the weekend I hope it rains because our car is really good in the wet, so let’s see what happens in qualifying.”






Cloud Nine

With just nine turns from start to finish, the Red Bull Ring has the lowest number of corners of any current F1 circuit. That’s no bad thing, though, as these other perfectly formed nines reveal.


  1. Nine minutes, five goals – Between the 51st and 60th minute of September 2015’s match between Bayern Munich and Wolfsburg, Bayern striker Robert Lewandowski scored five goals, breaking four records in the process. With strikes in the 51st 52nd, 55th, 57th and 60th minute, the Polish hitman, who came off the bench at half time, set new records for the most goals scored by a substitute in the Bundesliga (five), the fastest Bundesliga hat-trick (3m 22s), the fastest four goals in a Bundesliga match (5m 42s) and the fastest five goals in a Bundesliga match (8m 59s).


  1. Revolution 9 – At 8mins 22s Revolution 9 is the longest ‘song’ officially released by The Beatles. A sound collage constructed from 45 separate sources including spoken word, fragments of classical music, backwards Mellotron, furious jamming and John Lennon saying ‘the Watusi, the Twist’, it’s long divided opinion but for us the fact that it appeared as track five, side four of a pop album in 1968 is properly groundbreaking.


  1. Nine Rings – call us nerds but Lord of the Rings is still the daddy of all fantasy novels, with a mythology so complex it makes the political machinations of Game of Thrones’ look like a minor altercation in Smurfland. Basically, there are 20 rings of power; three for the Elven kings, seven for the dwarf lords, nine for mortal men and one to rule them all and everybody fights over them. Yes, we know, the next stop is all-night Dungeons and Dragons sessions, a bag full of 12-sided dice and the prospect of never having a girlfriend ever again, so we’ll stop now.


  1. Nine-dart finish – While there is a theory abroad that any game you can play while smoking and drinking shouldn’t legitimately be called a sport, a nine-dart finish is pretty cool. Basically it’s a perfect leg in which a player checks out from 501 using just nine darts. Who’s the king of the nine-dart finish? That would be England’s Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor, who has hit a record 11 televised nine-dart finishes.


  1. Nine wins in a row – Yep, we had to include this one. Sebastian Vettel nabbed this record for most consecutive wins in a single season with us in 2013 on his way to that year’s title. From the Belgian Grand Prix through to the season-ending Brazil, we aced the lot.