F1: 2016 Canadian GP Practice – Red Bull Racing

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F1: 2016 Canadian GP Practice – Red Bull Racing

10 June 2016




First Practice Session: Position: 11, Best Time: 1:16.734, Laps: 28

Second Practice Session: Position: 5, Best Time: 1:15.168, Laps: 43

“Obviously nice to be driving again for sure, and it’s a nice circuit – I enjoy it here. I think the day was ok; we can still find some more speed so we’ll work hard tonight to hopefully find some good solutions which can put us towards the top four tomorrow and close to Ferrari. Mercedes looked strong today, their long run pace was probably more impressive than their short run pace so that’s where I think we need to improve. Our long runs can be better for both me and Max, so that’s what we’ll look at tonight. On Sunday the weather looks like it could change, so we will wait and see as it will affect things. I expect the gap to Lewis to be less than a second tomorrow, how much less I’m not sure but I think we can close the gap quite a lot from today.”



First Practice Session: Position: 4, Best Lap: 1:15.553, Laps: 29

Second Practice Session: Position: 4, Best Lap: 1:15.156, Laps: 29

“Not a bad first day at the track, good day, good weather. I’m more or less happy with the balance we have, now it’s down to fine tuning little bits and getting some lap time out of that. It’s always very challenging here, you ride the curbs and get a bit of a go kart feel so I always enjoy it. The first feeling with the new engine was very positive, you’re always happy when you get more power. We understood the car setup and the engine felt good which is important. We did some good lap times and a long run which was promising. Ferrari look to have a bit better pace here so we still need to do some work and improve but overall it’s been a positive day. Looking at tomorrow, in qualifying you always want the softest tyres so we’ll put them on but on Sunday there is a chance of rain so we will have to wait and see what to do.”




Animal Magic


Groundhogs, marmots, whistlepigs! Whatever name you choose for them, the little varmints are everywhere on the Île de Notre Dame, as Felipe Massa found out last year. Indeed, famously, Anthony Davidson had a worse encounter many moons ago when he clattered one of the poor little critters when running third in the race (though in fairness, we felt sorrier for the wetwipe-wielding mechanics when he pulled into the garage). However, we digress. In the wake of last year’s whistlepig invasion we began thinking about other random elements we could introduce to give each grand prix an added edge…


  1. Live snake in one cockpit, driver to be chosen at random – how much more interesting would it be if during the drivers’ traditional dash from the grid to err… lighten the load before the race start, a live snake was inserted into the footwell of one of the 22 cars. Just a shame that we wouldn’t get to hear the radio traffic these days. “Yeah, I’ve got a little mid-corner understeer and the brakes are getting a bit long and…. holy s**t, a python!”


  1. A chicken at Turn 13 – An ex-racing driver of our acquaintance once informed us that he believed chicanes to be an abomination. So, instead of putting in a kink in the road, why not make the process of getting drivers to slow for especially quick sections by releasing flocks of chickens at opportune moments. Finger lickin’ good!


  1. Night races but without the lights – OK, so it might not be the most televisually exciting race but we’ve noticed that lots of car manufacturers are tinkering with Lidar and 3D mapping to pilot cars autonomously in the dark. What’s that you say? Autonomous means no drivers? Hmm… we’re not seeing a downside to be honest.


  1. Random circuit generator – The calendar is made up 21 races but no one knows where we’ll be racing until the end of the previous race – “Join us in two weeks’ time when we’ll be racing at… Anderstorp?!”


  1. Random grid position generator – Get rid of qualifying and instead draw grid slots at random like when they pick the balls for the lottery. Announce them from P1 back too, just to heighten the sense of panic among the drivers, who have to attend the televised live draw.
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