Carlos Sainz

“I always look forward to racing at the Red Bull Ring, it’s a track I enjoy.

Turn 1 is a medium-speed fourth-gear corner and it’s important to get a good exit out of here.

Turn 2 is uphill and you can enjoy very good views of the Austrian mountains from up here! You then get to Turn 3, where it’s easy to frontlock the tyres but is also a good overtaking point.

The section between Turns 4 and 7 is all downhill and includes the only two left-hand corners of the track. You then arrive to Turn 8, also downhill and therefore easy to make a mistake. The entry to pits is tricky here.

The ninth and final turn has a massive bump mid-corner, so it’s crucial to avoid it to gain lap-time. The track has been fully resurfaced this year, so we will need to reset our references. I’d call it our second home Grand Prix because this is Red Bull’s land! Straight after that we’re off to Silverstone, my favourite track on the calendar!”


Daniil Kvyat

“I think Silverstone is another classic event on the Formula 1 calendar – it has a lot of character and you certainly need to be brave and daring when driving there!

It has some very legendary sections like Maggots, Becketts, Stowe… And of course I can’t forget Copse – you usually take it very close to flat and I think it’s such a cool feeling!

You also need to be quite bold through the new Abbey section.

The final three corners, together with Turns 3 and 4, are the slowest part of the track and, all in all, it’s quite a technical layout.

Another thing to keep in mind is the wind, as it can also be quite different throughout the day.”