Driver: Daniel Ricciardo
Car: RB12
Laps: 135
Best time: 1:25.235
Circuit length: 4.655km
Fastest Lap: V. Bottas (1:23.261)

Day two of the final pre-season Formula One test in Barcelona saw Daniel Ricciardo take over from Daniil Kvyat at the wheel of the Red Bull Racing-TAG Heuer RB12. And it proved to be an extremely busy day for the Australian, as the team worked through some intense pit stop practice in the morning before switching to a successful race simulation in the afternoon. The result was 135 laps on the board for the Aussie and a best time of 1:25.235.

Commenting on a full day in the cockpit, Daniel said: “Quite a lot of laps today. Obviously we did a race simulation, which was definitely on the to-do list and I’m glad we got through it successfully. It was important to do that today and also important for me to do the laps to see how my body feels and it was positive on both sides. The car feels very decent. The last half hour on track the wind picked up a bit and the sun got a bit lower so that made it a bit more challenging but otherwise a pretty good run today.”

Head of Race Engineering, Guillaume Rocquelin added: “A very busy day for the whole team out here today. In the morning we did a lot of pit stop practice, all of which went very smoothly. We also built some aero mapping and normal running into the morning session, which was productive. In the afternoon, we moved across to race simulation. I don’t think we were alone in that, as plenty of teams were out there working through race programmes and I’m happy to say that ours went well. We got through 135 laps today, the most we’ve done in a single day at these tests so far and we didn’t encounter any problems. We are hoping to run through a similar programme with Dany for tomorrow when he takes over the driving again.”