Positive gains for Rio Haryanto after disrupted morning. 45 laps of crucial
development mileage boosts testing tally
Barcelona Test 2 – Day 1
1 March 2016
Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya
Rio Haryanto ploughed through a condensed testing programme this afternoon after losing most of the morning session to an oil leak. He managed 45 laps in the MRT05 as the team gave chassis 02 its first outing. He ended the day 12th, his best lap time a 1:27.625.

Rio Haryanto:
“This afternoon has been really positive, so that has made up for the track time we lost this morning to an oil leak. That’s what testing is for though so I’m happy that we quickly identified and got on top of the problem. We managed 43 laps this afternoon and as well as the core programme I worked through some controls procedures including practice starts. Pre-season testing is short so every lap counts but with one more day in the car to focus on race simulation and qualifying preparation, my confidence with the car and team is improving all the time.”

Dave Ryan, Racing Director:
“We encountered our first significant testing glitch this morning when an oil leak disrupted our programme. The leak itself was pretty straightforward to deal with but the source was difficult to reach and that’s where we lost the time. Once fixed, we turned the car around quite quickly and managed to get Rio back out for a lap before the break to make sure we were on top of the problem for the afternoon. Rio responded well to the challenge of playing catch-up and his calm and focused approach contributed to a very smooth rest of day. Although we lost some valuable mileage, we’re in a good place for the start of this week’s test.”