McLaren-Honda today announces a new multi-year partnership with Japanese automotive company Calsonic Kansei.
Calsonic Kansei is a leading global manufacturer of automotive components, supplying heat exchangers, climate control systems, instrument panels, compressors, electronics and exhaust systems to some of the world’s leading automotive brands.

Calsonic Kansei has been supplying McLaren with racecar components for over 20 years, but this new multi-year global partnership will see both companies working more closely together.

The partnership comes at an exciting time for both brands – Calsonic Kansei has recently started production in Brazil and Russia, and has been supplying products that satisfy its global customers; McLaren heads into the 2016 Formula 1 season together with Japanese manufacturer Honda, after the two companies reunited in 2015. The new era of McLaren-Honda rekindles the legendary partnership of the 1980s and ’90s, which brought world championship glory to Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost during an unprecedented period of success.

Hiroshi Moriya, CEO, Calsonic Kansei, said:
“Our new partnership with McLaren-Honda gives us the perfect opportunity to develop our products for use in one of the most extreme automotive environments in the world, Formula 1 – the pinnacle of international motorsport.
“This relationship with McLaren-Honda will not only enable us to demonstrate our technical prowess on a global stage, but also stimulate and encourage our engineers and staff to achieve even greater levels of technical expertise.

“One of our key corporate goals is to inspire all our staff to be driven by inspiration and innovation. We truly share those attributes with McLaren-Honda, so this really is a perfect partnership.”
Jonathan Neale, Chief Operating Officer & acting CEO, McLaren Racing, said:
“This new partnership with Calsonic Kansei is extremely exciting. At McLaren, we really admire Calsonic’s approach to monozukuri (the Japanese science and craft of making things), because they continually produce excellent products.

“Calsonic Kansei and McLaren demand incredibly high levels of determination and attention to detail from their employees, so this feels like a partnership that really unites the engineers and employees of both companies.
“Equally, we’ve each established a deep-rooted culture of success that’s based on our core values: a belief in the strength of teamwork and technology, and the flexibility and dynamism that permit us to move seamlessly and effortlessly in order to push the boundaries of technology and exploration.
“The partnership further demonstrates McLaren’s ability to attract international partners of the very highest calibre, and I’m therefore delighted to welcome Calsonic to the McLaren-Honda team.”

About Calsonic Kansei:
Calsonic Kansei is an automotive company, and operates a global network across the world by having its global headquarters in Japan, and its management operations in the Americas, Europe, China and Asia. In addition, there are development operations in Japan, U.S.A., Mexico, U.K., France, China, Thailand and India, and 78 sites throughout the world, from which products can be supplied to all customers in an optimal manner.
More than 20,000 employees of the company are striving to provide appealing products to customers with great teamwork across national boundaries.
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