22 February 2016, 08.45 CET

Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, Spain


The all-new Manor Racing MRT05 breaks cover this morning at the Circuit de Barcelona in southern Spain. John McQuilliam (Technical Director) and Dave Ryan (Racing Director) give us the heads-up before Pascal Wehrlein takes the car for its first road test.


John. Dream Racer?

“Absolutely. Even at this early stage of the game, we can easily say this is the best car we’ve ever launched. Certainly the most developed, the most ambitious and the most aggressive. The overall package is a very significant step forward, not just from last year, but from any of the cars from our stable. So yes, we have a long way to go from here in terms of developing the MRT05, but it’s already a dream package for the 154 Manor Racing people who’ve worked so hard to design and build it. In a small team like ours, every single individual has played their part.”


What’s so special?

“Well, for starters, it’s all new. As it should be of course, but we had to ‘make do’ last year and that’s not what we’re here for. We build fast race cars for a living and it’s great to get back to doing what we love. We’re also pretty good at it, when we have the right tools for the job. So that in itself is quite special. Better still, the MRT05 is a contender. We really believe that. The design team have focused almost exclusively on it since the middle of last season and it’s just a whole different ball game to any of its predecessors. We haven’t left any performance on the table and right now I can say there’s not a single part of the car we’d have designed differently.”


So what has it got on it?

“We’ve carried over the 2015 fire extinguisher (winks), the rest is brand new. Some 3393 different parts in fact and that’s just our in-house components. We delayed the monocoque programme to wait for the new Power Unit, which was well worth waiting for of course. The Mercedes-Benz PU106C Hybrid Power Unit is a magnificent feat of engineering and we’re proud and excited to be powered by championship-winning technology developed by Mercedes AMG High Performance Powertrains. We also have a very competitive transmission package thanks to our technical partner Williams Advanced Engineering, who supply our gearbox and other rear-end components. Together with the efforts of our accomplished aero and mechanical design teams, that’s a pretty impressive package.”


You love it, don’t you?
“Absolutely. It was already a great-looking car but the new livery is stunning.”

First road test coming up. What are you thinking?

“I’ll get back to you later today.”

Dave, more or less 90 days in your new role. How has that gone for you?

“It’s been a very busy time, but it has really served to underline everything I thought when I first agreed to join the team – a great little operation, with huge potential and the vision and ambition to make a big step forward. There was a lot to do to prepare for this season. The team did a laudable job last year given its circumstances over the previous winter. This year, with the package we have, we need to be every inch the professional racing outfit. That’s where I’ve been focusing my attentions.”

Two new technical partnerships to get to grips with. How are those relationships developing within the team?

“Fantastically well. Our Mercedes HPP and Williams Advanced Engineering personnel have been installed in the factory for quite some time now and both of their headquarters are less than an hour away from our factory in Banbury. So we have all the resource and support we need pretty much on tap. It’s a really nice, easy relationship, with everyone working together very closely on our factory floor. The transition has been pretty seamless.”

What about the peddlers?

“Pascal and Rio are a great addition to our team. They are young and hungry but, crucially, experienced racers with a lot of talent and a great deal of potential. We’re very proud that they’re making their F1 debut with Manor Racing.”

What can we expect from Manor Racing this season?

“Respectability and competitiveness. We are done with just turning up just to make everyone else look good and every single person in this Team is looking forward to the first race in Melbourne in a few weeks’ time. We know we have to improve in every area and in no way do we underestimate the opposition, but we have assembled a great group of people, we have a fantastic technical partnership with Mercedes-Benz and Williams Advanced Engineering and now it’s up to us to deliver.”




Chassis                                     MRT05


Chassis Material                               Chassis – Manor Racing moulded composite with aluminium honeycomb core

Bodywork – Moulded carbon fibre with Nomex core

Safety Structures                      Cockpit survival cell incorporating impact resistant construction and penetration panels, front impact structure, prescribed side impact structures and forward and rear roll structures.

Suspension                                         Front – Manor Racing full composite. Pushrod to rockers with torsion springs and inboard damping

Rear – Williams Advanced Engineering

Dampers                                   Front – Penske

Rear – Williams Advanced Engineering

Steering                                    Manor Racing power assisted rack and pinion

Wheels                                      APP Tech forged magnesium

Tyres                                                      Pirelli

Brakes                                       Brake system – carbon / carbon discs and pads, Manor Racing rear brake-by-wire

Discs – Carbone Industries

Pads – Carbone Industries

Calipers – AP Racing

Fuel Cell                                   ATL Kevlar-reinforced rubber bladder

Electronics                                FIA standard ECU and FIA homologated electronic and electrical system

Front Track                                          1799mm

Rear Track                                            1799mm

Overall Length                          5000mm

Overall Height                           949mm

Overall weight:                         702kg

Cooling                                     PWR   


Cockpit Instrumentation           MESL

Car-Team Radio Transmission  FOM

Telemetry                                 FOM

Steering Wheel                         Manor Racing carbon fibre moulded                     

Seat                                           Manor Racing composite moulded

Seatbelts                                   Sabelt 5-point

Extinguisher System                 FEV


Power Unit                                Mercedes-Benz PU106C Hybrid

Exhaust                                                 Mercedes-Benz

ERS                                           Mercedes-Benz

Fuel                                           PETRONAS Primax

Lubricants                                 PETRONAS Syntium

Functional Fluids                      PETRONAS Tutela


Gearbox                                                Williams Advanced Engineering eight-speed forward, one reverse unit

Gear selection                          Sequential, semi-automatic, hydraulic activation

Clutch                                       AP Racing carbon plate