Thoughts of a Champion
GP3 Series: Esteban Ocon, GP3 champion: how does that sound?
Esteban Ocon: It sounds great! It’s what we wanted to achieve since the beginning of the season, and I’m very happy to finally achieve it. It was a long season, and especially a long weekend [laughs], a lot of stress but yes, very happy to end up with the championship win.
GP3 Series: What’s been the most significant moment of the season for you?
Esteban: Probably Sochi: we found a really good speed with the car, and in race two we were really competitive. That’s also where we caught up in the championship, and where we went to the front more or less all the time, with pole positions and the rest of the performance.
GP3 Series: Any moment you’d like to forget?
Esteban: Yes, Silverstone! [laughs] Silverstone was a disaster: P8 and finished P5 or P6, I can’t remember, but it was quite a bad weekend!
GP3 Series: You only won one race this season: is that significant to you, is it a positive or a negative when you look at it?
Esteban: I don’t think it’s a bad thing, well, we would have wanted to win races for sure, but it means that we were not the fastest but in the end the most consistent ones, and on every track we were there. That was the key, probably, of the championship.
GP3 Series: What will this championship mean for you?
Esteban: It means a lot! We put so much dedication and motivation into the season, but it’s just emotions and the guys have been working so hard on the car, it’s just fantastic.
GP3 Series: ART are great champions, have won many times and now they have another: do you have any words for them?
Esteban: Thanks a lot! [laughs] That’s it.