2015 Belgian Grand Prix – Preview

The 2015 Formula One World Championship season continues with Round Eleven, the Belgian Grand Prix, from Spa-Francorchamps


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Driver / Senior Management Quotes

Lewis Hamilton
It’s been good to take a break from racing and spend some time relaxing, training and recharging the batteries. But, of course, there’s always that flame in the back of your mind that just wants to get back out there and get on it – especially after a race like Hungary. Spa is a great track to kick off the second part of the season too. It’s one of the really great, old-school circuits with so much history. It’s mostly medium to high speed corners, so you’re pretty much pedal to the metal the whole way round which is a lot of fun. It’s always special to come out on top at a classic race like this so I remember winning here well. I love this track and I’ll be gunning for that top spot again.

Nico Rosberg
The summer break is a great chance for the team to recharge after a tough start to the year and they definitely deserve it for all the hard work in making the incredible car we’ve had so far this season. But for me, personally, it’s time I’d rather be spending in the car! Hungary was a big disappointment and I’ve been itching to get back to racing ever since. When you’re in such a close battle for the Championship, any opportunity to gain points is crucial and it’s up to me to take those chances – but also to make them for myself. That’s definitely the target for the second half of the year. We’re only halfway through the season, so it’s all still to play for. Spa is a fantastic circuit – a track that I think every driver enjoys and one that always produces spectacular racing. I’m looking forward to it.

Toto Wolff, Head of Mercedes-Benz Motorsport
With ten races down and nine to go, we enter the second half of the season with a stronger points total than at this stage last year. And yet, our margin to the competition is actually smaller. There is never a moment you can take your foot off the gas and Hungary proved once again that any slip is an opportunity our rivals will grab with both hands. We have all enjoyed a chance to recharge over the summer – but we have also kept our minds focused on what lies ahead. There are still many chances to win or lose this battle and we must be relentless in our push to come out on top.

Paddy Lowe, Executive Director (Technical)
Belgium has recently been rated by fans as the most popular race on the calendar and it’s easy to see why. It’s a phenomenal circuit, with significant elevation changes, challenging corners and plenty of opportunity for overtaking. This is a race which is usually spiced up by the weather, with rain producing some classic Grands Prix over the years. It’s the longest lap of the season, so if conditions change just at the wrong moment there’s a long way to tiptoe back for a tyre change – often leading to significant shake-ups in the order. It’s a good overall test of a car, with a strong aero package required for the high-speed content and good power necessary for the long straights and numerous climbs. Spa also sits with Monza as one of two circuits where we will see specific low drag configurations – although not to the extent of that seen in Italy. After a well-earned break, we’re all looking forward to kicking off the second half of the season and aiming to do so with a strong performance.

Silver Arrows Statistics

At the Belgian Grand Prix

Silver Arrows Lewis Hamilton Nico Rosberg Mercedes-Benz Power
Wins 1 1 0 7
Podiums 4 3 1 12
Pole Positions 2 2 1 9
Front Row Starts 5 5 1 18
Fastest Laps 2 1 1 5
Starts 5 8 8 18





In Formula One

Silver Arrows Lewis Hamilton Nico Rosberg Mercedes-Benz Power
Wins 37 38 11 123
Podiums 81 79 35 340
Pole Positions 45 47 16 128
Front Row Starts 88 82 33 265
Fastest Laps 31 24 11 124
1-2 Finishes 22 N/A N/A 47
Starts 118 158 176 388
Points (Drivers) 2,104.14 1,688 1,068.5 6,650.14







Silver Arrows Drivers

Name Wins Podiums Pole Positions Front Row Starts Fastest Laps Starts
J. M. Fangio 8 10 7 12 5 12
L. Hamilton 17 30 21 34 12 48
H. Herrmann 0 1 0 0 1 7
K. Kling 0 2 0 3 1 12
H. Lang 0 0 0 0 0 1
S. Moss 1 3 1 5 2 7
N. Rosberg 11 33 16 33 9 106
M. Schumacher 0 1 0 1 1 58
A. Simon 0 0 0 0 0 1
P. Taruffi 0 1 0 0 0 2
Total 37 81 45 88 31 254









Belgian Grand Prix Week: Calendar

Tuesday 18/08/15
  • Anniversary: The Inaugural Pescara Grand Prix (1957)
Wednesday 19/08/15
  • Almost there…
Thursday 20/08/15
  • Event: 2015 Belgian Grand Prix Media Day
Friday 21/08/15
  • Event 2015 Belgian Grand Prix Practice 1 / Practice 2
  • Anniversary: The Inaugural Turkish Grand Prix (2005)
Saturday 22/08/15
  • Event: 2015 Belgian Grand Prix Practice 3 / Qualifying
Sunday 23/08/15
  • Event: 2015 Belgian Grand Prix
  • Anniversary: The Inaugural Austrian Grand Prix (1964)
  • Anniversary: 50th Formula One Start for the Silver Arrows (2014 Belgian Grand Prix)