3 July 2015 
First Practice Session: Position: 8, Best Time: 1:35.876, Laps: 22
Second Practice Session: Position: 5, Best Time: 1:35.009, Laps: 25  
“The car felt comfortable today and we got through our programme.  It’s looking good for us so far, but it’s only Friday so we have the weekend ahead and it is too early to make any predictions. We have some upgrades and they are giving us what we need, more or less. I think tomorrow we will know more about where we are with our pace. We’ll be working hard tonight to make the car go as fast as possible for tomorrow, as will all the teams.”
First Practice Session: Position: 7, Best Time: 1:35.818, Laps: 26
Second Practice Session: Position: 6, Best Time: 1:35.153, Laps: 25  
“We had a pretty good day today and I think we look alright for now. The positions are relatively good and I think we can gain some more lap time. We want to get a little bit more out of the car and if we can make the steps we think we can for tomorrow, we should be looking better.”
The top ten things that make SILVERSTONE great! 
10. Silverstone – and this cannot be stressed enough – is huge. Granted it’s a bit tough getting in – but once you’re in, there’s plenty of elbow room. Truckies love it: none of the sweat and high blood pressure that usually comes attached to trying to manoeuvre a very expensive, highly polished 44-tonne rig into a space the size of a thimble.
9. Corners with names! There’s nothing as sterile as referring to turns by a number. Corners give a circuit character, so they should have names, and so they do at all the good tracks. This week is particularly good for the weird and wonderful: Abbey, Farm, The Village, The Loop, Aintree, Brooklands, Luffield, Woodcote, Copse, Maggotts, Becketts, Chapel, Stowe, The Vale, Club… awesome. Throw in the Hangar and the Wellington straights, and there you go –  character by the bucket.
8. Gastronomic delights! No, really. Everywhere else tends to stick to the tried and trusted staples: only at Silverstone do you get the whole cornucopia of culinary delights… in a van. Seriously, this one tiny corner of Northamptonshire can sort you out will a falafel sandwich, followed by a Thai green curry, washed down with an artisan cider, a bottle of Prosecco and occasionally a lingering bacteriological malady of the sort usually written about by Michael Crichton.
7. Old skool team kit! As at an AC/DC concert, the older the tour T-shirt, the greater the cred. Here at Silverstone, you’ll see plenty of people rocking up in their vintage 1993 Williams-Renault satin jackets and various other fashion disasters of yesteryear. Bonus points for the guy who shows up in an Andrea Moda cap.
6. Your own bed. Seriously, when you’re spending nine months of the year sharing a room with a snoring, farting gibbon from the spares truck, the chance to go racing but still climb into your own nest at the end of the day is not to be sniffed at. Just don’t roll in and demand a cheeseburger from room service at 2am, or go mental because your laundry hasn’t been pressed and hung on the back of the door – because that sort of thing tends to not go down well.
We’ll bring you the top 5 in tomorrow’s press release!