Tuesday 12 May 2015
Driver:  Daniil Kvyat
Car:  RB11
Laps:  101
Best time: 1:26.904
Circuit length:  4.655km
Fastest Lap: N Rosberg (1:24.374)
Fresh from the Spanish Grand Prix, Daniil Kvyat was back in the RB11 today for Day One of the first two-day in-season test. Dany completed 101 very useful laps at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, despite his programme being delayed in the morning while his crew carried out work on the gearbox. After the covers were back on, Dany was able to recover the lost time and complete his run plan, passing the 100-lap mark shortly before the chequered flag.
“Overall it was a very positive day – the work got done,” said Dany. “We lost a couple of hours in the morning but had a really strong afternoon and managed to recover most of the programme – which was very important. We are limited in what we can test on a Friday at a race meeting so these sessions are very important to us. They’re crucial in helping us understand how the car is working, and for gathering as much information as possible. What we learned today will help us progress.”
Head of Race Engineering Guillaume Rocquelin added: “Once the car was ready the programme went really well and we had a good, solid day of testing. We concentrated on suspension and aerodynamic work, changing car parameters and trying different things. We brought some new parts to the Spanish Grand Prix race weekend and today we were able to test those in more detail.”
Tomorrow, Pierre Gasly takes over for the second and final day of the test.