GP3 News: Mardenborough quickest on day one

//GP3 News: Mardenborough quickest on day one

GP3 News: Mardenborough quickest on day one

Carlin’s Jann Mardenborough fastest at Barcelona pre-season test

Brit Jann Mardenborough was in excellent form on the opening day of testing clocking the fastest time of the day and finishing P2 in the afternoon session. His best laptime of 1:34.910 remained unbeaten. Seb Morris (Status Grand Prix) topped the afternoon session.

The final pre-season test of the season got underway under grey skies with the 24 drivers setting their installation laps around the Circuit de Catalunya. It was a very quiet morning with no competitive times set until over half of the session had run.

Mardenborough was the early pace setter and first to dip into the 1m34’s, three tenths faster than teammate Antonio Fuoco. Jenzer Motorsport’s Pal Varhaug and Ralph Boschung shot to second and third before a red flag halted proceedings when Samin Gomez testing for Campos Racing stopped at the exit of Turn 5.

Once the action resumed, ART Grand Prix’s Marvin Kirchhöfer and Koiranen GP’s Jimmy Eriksson jumped up the order to P3 and P4 respectively but nobody was able to improve on the best time set by Mardenborough at the chequered flag. Varhaug, Kirchhöfer, Boschung, Eriksson, Esteban Ocon, Fuoco, Alfonso Celis. Jr, Oscar Tunjo, Adderly Fong completed the top ten.

Following the two hour break, Morris was first to top the timings with Campos Racing’s Alex Palou in second. Early on in the session light rain fell, bringing all the drivers back into their garages as they waited for the rain to stop. As the sunshine fought to appear through the thick clouds, drivers returned to track action with times around four seconds off the pace.

In the final forty-five minutes, Mardenborough moved up to P2, one tenth off Morris as the circuit began to dry enough for times to marginally improve. Matthew Parry also found some extra pace to rise to third as the clock ticked down.

Fuoco stopped at turn three in the final minutes which brought out the red flag leaving just one minute remaining. At the chequered flag, Morris remained head of the pack as he had done for the whole afternoon session ahead of Mardenborough, Parry, Palou, Alex Fontana, Sandy Stuvik, Emil Bernstorff, Fuoco, Celis. Jr and Matheo Tuscher.

The second and final day of testing in Barcelona will run from 09.00 – 12.00 tomorrow with a one hour break for lunch. The afternoon session will commence at 13.00 and end at 16.00 – local times apply.

Barcelona: Day 1
Morning Results
Driver Team Laptime Laps
1. Jann Mardenborough Carlin 1:34.910 24
2. Pal Varhaug Jenzer Motorsport 1:35.004 25
3. Marvin Kirchhöfer ART Grand Prix 1:35.005 22
4. Ralph Boschung Jenzer Motorsport 1:35.013 22
5. Jimmy Eriksson Koiranen GP 1:35.033 17
6. Esteban Ocon ART Grand Prix 1:35.070 24
7. Antonio Fuoco Carlin 1:35.213 19
8. Alfonso Celis. Jr ART Grand Prix 1:35.271 16
9. Oscar Tunjo Trident 1:35.290 23
10. Adderly Fong Koiranen GP 1:35.337 19
11. Alex Palou Campos Racing 1:35.340 24
12. Matheo Tuscher Jenzer Motorsport 1:35.405 24
13. Matthew Parry Koiranen GP 1:35.420 16
14. Luca Ghiotto Trident 1:35.433 21
15. Mitchell Gilbert Carlin 1:35.576 15
16. Emil Bernstorff Arden Motorsport 1:35.979 17
17. Alex Fontana Status Grand Prix 1:36.044 23
18. Seb Morris Status Grand Prix 1:36.158 19
19. Artur Janosz Trident 1:36.336 24
20. Kevin Ceccon Arden International 1:36.622 18
21. Sandy Stuvik Status Grand Prix 1:36.661 16
22. Aleksander Bosak Arden International 1:37.349 18
23. Zaid Ashkanani Campos Racing 1:37.568 24
24. Samin Gomez Campos Racing 1:38.753 18

Afternoon Results

Driver Team Laptime Laps
1. Seb Morris Status Grand Prix 1:35.740 40
2. Jann Mardenborough Carlin 1:35.843 20
3. Matthew Parry Koiranen GP 1:36.406 22
4. Alex Palou Campos Racing 1:36.578 25
5. Alex Fontana Status Grand Prix 1:36.695 27
6. Sandy Stuvik Status Grand Prix 1:36.768 27
7. Emil Bernstorff Arden International 1:36.817 24
8. Antonio Fuoco Carlin 1:36.852 27
9. Alfonso Celis. Jr ART Grand Prix 1:36.923 17
10. Matheo Tuscher Jenzer Motorsport 1:36.929 27
11. Pal Varhaug Jenzer Motorsport 1:37.129 27
12. Kevin Ceccon Arden International 1:37.261 18
13. Esteban Ocon ART Grand Prix 1:37.929 22
14. Aleksander Bosak Arden International 1:38.201 18
15. Mitchell Gilbert Carlin 1:38.267 12
16. Zaid Ashkanani Campos Racing 1:38.489 28
17. Ralph Boschung Jenzer Motorsport 1:38.498 26
18. Marvin Kirchhöfer ART Grand Prix 1:38.774 21
19. Luca Ghiotto Trident 1:38.822 27
20. Oscar Tunjo Trident 1:39.309 27
21. Samin Gomez Campos Racing 1:39.322 29
22. Adderly Fong Koiranen GP 1:39.443 26
23. Jimmy Eriksson Koiranen GP 1:39.613 32
24. Artur Janosz Trident 1:39.631 30

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