Ferrari LogoBelgian Grand Prix

Spa-Francorchamps, 22nd August 2014

Fernando Alonso: “Compared to the other race weekends, the story is a bit different here, because Spa is a
high speed circuit and, after a month off, getting back to racing at a fantastic track like this is a real pleasure. It
was nice to be able to run in the dry today. The weather is always changeable here and in fact, the possibility of
rain is forecast for tomorrow, therefore, as usual, we will ensure we are ready for whatever comes our way. At
this track and at Monza, engine performance counts for a lot. We know there is no magic solution but we will
nevertheless try to optimise everything. The car behaved as we expected from our simulations and that is
definitely something positive.”

Kimi Raikkonen: “A difficult day, complicated by a series of setbacks which cost us valuable track time. In the
morning, I had a brake problem, but once it was sorted, we were able to get through our planned programme
for the first session. The new components we brought for this race seem to be working, but only after we have
cross-referenced all the data will we be able to work out what is the best package to use for the rest of the
weekend. In the afternoon, an electrical problem complicated our work, preventing us from carrying out the
race simulation. Tomorrow, we can expect a busy free practice session, in which we will do our best to prepare
the car for qualifying and the race.”

Pat Fry: “The Spa circuit is a very enjoyable one for the drivers and at the same time it presents a great
challenge for we engineers, especially this year because of the parameters linked to the new Power Unit. In order
to gather as much data as possible, we chose to run different programmes with our drivers. Unfortunately, in
the second session, Kimi’s work was affected by an electrical problem, which although it didn’t prevent him
running, did mean he couldn’t make the most of all the systems. In the first and third sectors, top speed counts
the most, while in the middle one, driveability and aerodynamic downforce come into play more and that makes
finding the right set-up especially demanding, even more so when looking to the race, because while extra
downforce can be an advantage in the second sector, it slows the cars on the straights, making it harder to
attack and defend in the race. We are working hard on the efficiency of the car in general and on the thermal
energy side of the Power Unit, but I think that at tracks like this one and Monza, which highlights these
characteristics on our rivals’ cars, we will have to try and defend with all means available and attack where and
when possible.”