Lotus LogoSilverstone Test, Day Two

Wednesday 9th July 2014

Charles Pic debuted Pirelli’s concept 18 inch tyres today at Silverstone, enjoying a split programme of running on the 18 inch tyres in the morning and the familiar 13 inch tyres in the afternoon. The team followed a programme set by Pirelli for today’s evaluations over the course of 38 laps.

Fast Facts:
Track: Silverstone, England, 5.9km
Chassis: E22-02
Weather: Dry, air 18-25°C, track 19-30°C
Programme: Aero logging and evaluation.
Laps Completed: 38
Classification: P10, 1:41.906
Interruptions: Various red flags, precautionary gearbox change.

What’s Next?
The team will be next in action for the German Grand Prix on July 18-20.
Charles Pic: “It was special to be the first person to try the new Pirelli 18 inch tyres. It was a very early evaluation test and the different tyres and wheels affect the aerodynamics of the car quite a lot, but you could certainly feel that the tyres felt different to those we’re used to on an F1 car. It was interesting for me to be part of this very first run to see how they handled and give initial feedback to Pirelli. This afternoon we went back to the 13 inch tyres working on tyre construction evaluations with high fuel. It was good to be back in the E22 for a good day of testing.”

Nick Chester, Technical Director: “Charles did a fine job working through Pirelli’s test programme today, including the excitement of running with Pirelli’s 18 inch tyre concept. The objective of this was to give Pirelli some initial loading information as well as for F1 fans and stakeholders to see what the car looked like in this configuration. In the afternoon we reverted to 13 inch tyres working on a construction evaluation for Pirelli. It has been interesting to hear all the feedback about the different tyre concept and it’s an area we’re happy to work on for the future.”