F1 News: 2014 Hungarian GP Preview – Infiniti Red Bull Racing

//F1 News: 2014 Hungarian GP Preview – Infiniti Red Bull Racing

F1 News: 2014 Hungarian GP Preview – Infiniti Red Bull Racing


Sebastian Vettel
I like the race and atmosphere at the Hungaroring, and have good memories of the races there even though I have never won in Budapest – it is still on my to do list! It is quite a slow track but also one that can catch you out. It has some tight, twisty corners and is quite a bumpy track, so you cannot underestimate it. It is normally hot in Hungary for the race which makes it a challenge to drive, but also makes a nice weekend for the fans watching. I really like the setting of the race track, just outside Budapest and near to the Danube – in the evenings I enjoy going for a walk along the banks, or sometimes a jog in the morning. The Hungarian GP is the last race before the Summer break so we will be working hard to keep up the momentum and have a good result to enjoy over the holidays.

Danl Ricciardo
I’ve always enjoyed the Hungaroring, but because it’s so tight and twisty it’s maybe not the ideal layout for a grand prix. It’s like Monaco without the walls. It’s one of those weird situations where the driving is very satisfying but the racing, perhaps, is not. It’s a great, great track in qualifying, where you’re driving on low fuel and fresh tyres – there’s no let up and you’re completely in the moment. In a race though overtaking is difficult because the track is quite narrow and that exciting sequence of corners doesn’t give you the opportunity to line up a pass. DRS has improved things and the first corner and the downhill sequence that follows can be quite exciting.

Lajos Koebli
Red Bull Energy Station Entremetier-Chef

Please tell us about your job
I am the Entremetier-Chef for the Red Bull Energy Station so that means that I prepare all side dishes, starters and cold platters each day for guests and media in the team hospitality area at races.

What are the main challenges in your job?
I have to say I got used to the job and the environment pretty quickly, but in the beginning it was more stressful, because I didn’t know the crew or work place so well and it’s quite a unique environment.

What’s your favourite thing about your job?
I love cooking – I learned it from my mum actually as I used to watch and help her in the kitchen. I enjoy it every day and that’s why I chose this job.

Are you looking forward to the Hungarian GP?
Yes definitely. I’m really looking forward to it as it’s my home race and I get to see many friends while we’re there.

What types of food should people look out for / try while they are in Hungary?
When in Hungary you must try the Hungarian goulash, the fish soup called “Halászlé”, or the traditional “Túrós csusza” which is a pasta dish with dill. For drinks you should try “Unicum”, a Hungarian herbal liqueur or bitters, drunk as a digestif and apéritif.

What’s your favourite Hungarian dish?
That would definitely be Hungarian goulash with pasta.

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