F1 News: 2014 German GP Practice – Infiniti Red Bull Racing

//F1 News: 2014 German GP Practice – Infiniti Red Bull Racing

F1 News: 2014 German GP Practice – Infiniti Red Bull Racing

Red Bull Logo18 July 2014GERMAN GP – FRIDAY PRACTICE

First Practice Session: Position: 4, Best Time: 1:19.697, Laps: 27Second Practice Session: Position: 3, Best Time: 1:18.443, Laps: 35
“I think tyres and weather will define the race on Sunday. Today we were happy with our progress and it seems to be one of the closer gaps for a while, but it’s tomorrow when we’ll see how close we really are. I think we had a good car today and we extracted pretty much everything we could out of the practice today. Hopefully we can have more of a fight with the leaders this weekend.”

First Practice Session: Position: 6, Best Time: 1:20.097, Laps: 28Second Practice Session: Position: 8, Best Time: 1:19.248, Laps: 35
“I think we can improve from there for tomorrow. I don’t think not having the FRIC suspension on the car made too much difference to us today, although I haven’t had a proper look at the other cars yet. I think it will be fairly close between the cars this weekend. It’s nice to be on track here near to where I grew up and I’m looking forward to the rest of the weekend.”


‘Thanks to the Factory’: Heartbeat City
When a driver climbs down off the podium and takes his spot in the post-race press conferences it’s almost become a cliché for them to pay a glowing tribute to everyone back at the factory.
The thing is though, that cliché has become so as there’s inevitably a grain of truth in those statements and no F1 race team would have the chance to grab trackside glory – or even compete – without the amazing efforts of hundreds of unsung heroes back at base.
We reckon it’s time to shine the spotlight in their direction and so we’ve made a series of short films that shed a little light on the people and jobs that don’t often make the headlines. From the build of our race cars back at the factory, to how we keep all our facilities ticking and from the fine detail of composites lamination right through to the eureka moments of chassis design the series, entitled ‘Our Racing Heartbeat’, reveals the passion for competition that runs through every part of the team.
View them online now at: http://win.gs/WhI32J

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