F1 News: 2014 British GP Race – Ferrari

//F1 News: 2014 British GP Race – Ferrari

F1 News: 2014 British GP Race – Ferrari

Ferrari LogoBritish Grand Prix

Silverstone, 6th July 2014

Marco Mattiacci: “The most important news right now is that Kimi is alright, even though the impact with the
barriers was a heavy one. He has some bruising and will now be resting to be in shape for the next race. Given
the outcome of qualifying, we knew we faced an uphill struggle in the race, but we could count on having a race
pace that would allow us to try and get back in the points. On this front, Fernando lived up to our expectations,
pulling off some memorable overtaking moves. I think that, with fewer problems and without the penalty for his
start position, he could have got better than sixth. His great climb up the order was yet more proof of his
extremely aggressive mentality, which is exactly what we must demonstrate for the rest of the season.”

Fernando Alonso: “I think today’s race was very spectacular, certainly for us it was extremely hectic, first with
Kimi’s retirement and then with the penalty for being out of position at the start. Then there were also my duels
with Button and Vettel. When Sebastian came up behind me I was saving fuel and battery power and had a
problem with the rear wing so I knew that sooner or later he would have overtaken me. I think both Red Bulls
deserved to finish ahead of us, because they were quicker. Now we must analyse our performance and try to
improve for the next round in Germany: if we want to make up ground in the Constructors’ Championship, we
must try and do our utmost at the track, working on strategy, set-up and especially we must try and be more
astute than the others, when it comes to grabbing any opportunity to score points.”

Kimi Raikkonen: “Unfortunately, my race today ended on the first lap, after I had managed to get away well,
making up enough ground to be fighting for eleventh place. At turn 5, I went off the track and while trying to
get back on, I must have hit a kerb. I then lost control of the car and ended in the barriers. It’s a real shame
because yesterday, the feeling I had on track had improved and I was determined to do my utmost to bring
home some points. I am really very disappointed with how things went today, but now I want to put this
incident behind me and just concentrate on the next race in Germany.”

Pat Fry: “As we were starting from sixteenth and eighteenth places, we opted to start on the Hard compound
and go for a more aggressive strategy. The aim was to have a short first stint before switching to the softer and
faster tyre for the rest of the race. Kimi got a great start, making up several places in just a few corners but
unfortunately his accident put an end to it all. Fortunately, he is okay, with no serious injuries and that’s the
most important thing. After the race was stopped, we discussed things with Fernando and decided to fit the
Mediums to the end of the race, with a one-stop strategy. Despite the difficulties he had to deal with, Fernando
once again displayed his great talent, both on the offensive and the defensive. At some points in the race, there
was clearly some frustration, which is completely understandable, because the entire team wants to give him
and Kimi a more competitive car and for that reason, we will continue trying our hardest.”

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