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Silverstone, 5th July 2014

Fernando Alonso: “When it rains in qualifying it’s always a lottery, it can go well or it can go badly. Most of all,
it’s easy to make mistakes. At complicated moments like this, you need to fit the right tyres at the right time,
but luck definitely plays a part. I think if we had fitted the Mediums thirty seconds earlier or later, with a dry
track, things could have gone differently. In the race tomorrow, we will try and make up as much ground as
possible. Yesterday, in the dry, we had a strong pace and even in the wet, as we saw on the first lap in Q1, it
seems quite good. Mixed conditions might help us, but here it’s impossible to know now what the weather will
do tomorrow. One thing for sure, is that starting so far back, we will see a lot of action”.

Kimi Raikkonen: “We knew the changeable weather would make this qualifying very unpredictable, but I
definitely didn’t expect this sort of result. On my first run, I did four laps on Intermediate tyres because the track
was still wet, but then when it stopped raining we decided to switch to slicks. On the first part of the track, the
conditions were acceptable, but in the second sector, it began raining again and this prevented us from setting a
good enough time to get into Q2. Tomorrow, it won’t be easy moving up the order, but we will do our best to
make up ground, also because today I had a better feeling than yesterday and I see no reason why I shouldn’t
try and have a good race.”

Pat Fry: “Today’s qualifying result is bitterly disappointing and it means we will have an uphill struggle
tomorrow, with a plan to attack right from the first to the last lap. In the opening minutes of Q1 the track
conditions were mixed, which is the worst thing possible, because at some points there was a lot of water while
other parts of the circuit were drying and some were even completely dry. It was impossible to improve on the
Intermediates because of graining and the switch to slicks definitely complicated matters for the drivers as there
was so little grip. When the lap times fell as the track began to dry, we fitted the Mediums, as in fact did
everyone else, but the rain returned and that meant we were unable to make it through to the next part of
qualifying. Now, our aim in tomorrow’s race is to finish in the points, trying to make the most of the new sets of
tyres we have.”