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Silverstone, 4th July 2014

Fernando Alonso: “This Friday was much like any other and we followed our programme, testing some
components and working on set-up in the morning, while evaluating both tyre compounds in the afternoon,
looking at the Medium with both qualifying and the race in mind. There were no problems with wear or graining
on the softer compound, while in order to correctly evaluate the Hard, we will have to wait for a long run test.
For now, I can say it’s hard to get them up to temperature. Now, as usual, we must analyse everything to
understand which components to use tomorrow, although if as predicted, it rains tomorrow, then in reality the
data we got today will be more useful for the race. Here, there’s always a strong wind and in some corners it’s a
help, while in others it’s a hindrance, but it’s the same for everyone. Now, all we can do is wait and see how
things turn out.”

Kimi Raikkonen: “This morning in the first session things went reasonably well. We followed the standard
programme, including analysing car behaviour on the Hard tyres and we just had a few problems with traction
at some points on the track and a bit of understeer in the high speed corners. In the second session, we made
some small changes which did not work and the handling of the car was not the same. Putting a good lap
together was really difficult and so we went back to the morning settings, but unfortunately we had the same
problems. Now we must find out what happened between the two sessions, even if I think it’s partly down to
the track conditions and the gusts of wind, which were very strong today. I’m sure that studying the data will
give us the information we need to prepare as well as possible for tomorrow.”

Pat Fry: “At Silverstone, the weather is often unsettled and that can have a strong influence on the outcome of
practice and the race. Therefore, it’s vital for the drivers to do a lot of laps to get as confident as possible with
the car. Today, despite a strong and inconsistent wind, we were able to work through our programme without
encountering any particular problems. On both cars, we tried some new aerodynamic components and various
electronic settings, while on the power unit front we continued to acquire data useful for our development
programme. At the same time, we went through the usual set-up tests to find the most suitable one for this
track, as well as paying attention to tyre behaviour over short and long runs. It wasn’t easy to find the ideal
balance as well as managing the degradation and while Fernando managed to complete a long run, with Kimi,
we continued working on set-up to try and resolve some problems that cropped up on his car. Now we must
find the best compromise to help both drivers to get the right stability for the rest of the weekend, taking into
account that the weather is meant to get worse for tomorrow with a chance of rain.”