Ferrari LogoGrand Prix of Canada

Montreal, 6th June 2014

Fernando Alonso: “I am reasonably pleased with the day’s testing as we got through a lot of work without
encountering any particular problems. We tried some new components and now we must concentrate on
getting a good understanding of how they are working. As always on a Friday, we must analyse all the data
we have gathered to try and be as well prepared as possible for tomorrow’s qualifying, also taking into
account the fact that tyre behaviour is very similar to what we saw in Monaco. Certainly, the Supersofts are
not like they were in the past and in a race, they last for many laps. For that reason I think there won’t be
any problems either in qualifying or the first stint of the race.”

Kimi Raikkonen: “Like every Friday, today’s programme centred on looking at different set-ups in the first
session and a race simulation with both compounds in the second one. This morning, because of a
problem on my car, I was unable to run as much as planned and that’s never a good thing, because getting
in plenty of laps is very important. Thanks to speedy work from the team, in the afternoon, we managed to
make up for the run lost in the morning and even if it’s too early to make predictions, overall, it didn’t go
badly and by the end of the day my feeling with the car had improved. I am still not 100% happy with the
handling of the F14 T, but I am sure that an analysis of the data we gathered will point us in the right
direction for qualifying and the race.”

Pat Fry: “We had a particularly busy day in our garage today. What might have looked like two normal
practice sessions were actually particularly demanding for the engineers and mechanics, because of several
problems, albeit small ones, that affected the running of our programme. However, the number of laps
completed by both drivers was enough to get the necessary information to carry out the job of fine tuning
the cars. There were two sides to the programme, evaluating the updates introduced for this race and
comparing the two compounds, the Soft and Supersoft, brought here by Pirelli. As usual here in Canada,
the track is very dirty and that affects grip levels. On this front, we can expect a significant improvement
over the course of the weekend. We have to keep that in mind when working on set-up and also when
assessing tyre degradation. This latter factor, along with managing fuel consumption, will play an
important part in qualifying and in the race, given that temperatures are expected to rise over Saturday and
again on Sunday. It’s always difficult to make predictions on Friday because the relative performance level
of the teams has yet to be assessed. We will try and give Kimi and Fernando the best possible package and
then we will see what results that can deliver.”