“It’s great to be going to Red Bull’s home race after an awesome weekend in Canada. I’ve only driven the Red Bull Ring on filming days, essentially a handful of laps without the out-and-out aggression that you’ll see at the

Austrian Grand Prix weekend. It’s a tidy circuit, not the longest and not many corners, but what is there is good. Turn One is cool as it climbs up the hill. It looks tight, but actually isn’t. Turn Two is quite a tight right-hand corner, going uphill and off-camber as well. Then it drops back down all the way through the rest of the track. It’s very odd going to what, essentially, is a new race but in a place where the racing history is firmly established. It sounds as though there will be a massive crowd up in the mountains and I’m sure the return of the Austrian Grand Prix will get off to a really good start.”


“I have great memories of the Red Bull Ring. I was 13 years old when I first drove around it. I had the chance to test a Formula car from the Auinger family. That is a huge step if you’re coming from a karting background. It was something completely new and it took me a while to get used to it. I’m really happy that we will race there. The circuit is actually very pretty, not only the track, but the whole area. The circuit’s set amid a beautiful natural landscape. There are not many distractions there – it’s just about racing. The Red Bull Ring is a short track, with only a few turns, but it’s very challenging. There are also a lot of elevation changes, which makes it interesting and fun. The fans will have a great time as every grandstand offers a great view of the circuit.”

Head Of Marketing

“My favourite Austrian things”

You’ve lived in the UK for some time. What’s the best thing about going back home to Austria?
To see family and friends must be the best thing, because I have been in the UK for 10 years now.

Apart from your family home, what’s your favourite place to hang out in Austria?
I come from a small town near Vienna, so I would say the best place to hang out there would be a nice traditional “Heuriger”, one of these Austrian wine places in Vienna. My favourite place in Austria would be one of the cool ski resorts in Lech, Kitzbuehel or Saalbach-Hinterglemm where I grew up.

What’s your best memory of growing up in Austria?
Probably the ski holidays with the family. They were always a lot of fun.

What’s your favourite Austrian meal?
Schnitzel with fries or roast potatoes and Ketchup.

Name one thing Austria has that no other country can match?
Our quality of hospitality, our culinary offering and how we treat visitors and guests.

Who’s your favourite Austrian cultural icon?
I don’t really have an idol as such, but maybe one of the classical names such as Mozart or Beethoven. Or probably more recent, maybe someone like Falco.

What’s your favourite Austrian expression/slang word or phrase and what does it mean?
“Leiwand”, it means awesome.

The best Austrian pop song ever is…?
Something from either Rainhard Fendrich or “Fuerstenfeld” from STS.

If you had to recommend one place or thing in Austria everyone should see it would be…?
I would have to recommend Hangar -7. This is the stunning Hangar situated at Salzburg Airport. The Hangar houses a beautiful collection of historical Flying Bulls aircraft along with Formula One race cars and many other interesting pieces including Felix’s Capsule from the Red Bull Stratos project. I’d also have to recommend the Ikarus Restaurant within Hangar -7 it’s a must with its unique guest chef concept.