GP3 LogoStatus GP’s Yelloly quickest in morning session

British driver Nick Yelloly posted the best time of the day with a 1:35.104 in the morning session, whilst fellow compatriot Alex Lynn (Carlin) recorded the fastest time in the afternoon.


The third and final pre-season test session takes place at the Circuit De Catalunya in Spain. The opening round of the GP3 Series is just three weeks away with the GP3 paddock returning to Barcelona again for the first race of the season; meaning this two day test is vital for the teams and drivers to prepare the correct set-up for qualifying and race trim.


Matheo Tuscher from Switzerland was one new face to the 2014 pre-season testing line-up. The young rookie has previously tested for GP3 back in 2012. The morning session got underway under clear blue skies albeit in fresh conditions. The Carlin trio of Lynn, Luis Sa Silva and Emil Bernstorff were first to take to the track.


It was a quiet start to proceedings in the first hour, with the Status GP duo of Yelloly and Richie Stanaway heading the timings early on. The Kiwi then ran wide avoiding a slower car and stopped off track which brought out the red flag for a short period.


Marussia Manor Racing’s Patrick Kujala was first to lap in the 1m35’s before Lynn snuck into P1 a few hundredths faster. In the final stages of the session, Yelloly regained his place at the top of the standings, with his best efforts almost half a second quicker than Jimmy Eriksson (Koiranen GP) who had moved up to second. Marvin Kirchhofer ended the session in third ahead of Lynn, Stanaway, Kujala, Alex Fontana, Robert Visoiu, Santiago Urrutia and Dino Zamparelli.


Following a two hour break for lunch as the temperature increased, it was Arden International’s Jann Mardenborough who was the early pace-setter. Nelson Mason (Hilmer Motorsport) out-braked himself and stopped in the gravel which saw the session halted. Once the action resumed, Bernstoff clocked the quickest time before his teammate Lynn displaced him by setting the first lap in the 1m35’s of the afternoon session.


Eriksson jumped up to P2, before Tuscher demoted the Swede, lapping half a second shy of Lynn. Kujala found some extra pace to rise back up to second in the timings, one tenth off the Carlin debutant. Trident’s Denis Nagulin had an excursion at Turn 4 which saw the third red flag of the day as the clock ticked down.


Zamparelli progressed up the order to third in the final moments but the red flag brought an early end to the day when Mason went off at Turn 9, therefore the session didn’t resume. At the chequered flag it was Lynn who held top spot, ahead of Kujala, Zamparelli, Tuscher, Bernstorff, Patric Niederhauser, Stanaway, Eriksson, Mardenborough and Pal Varhaug.


The schedule for Day 2 of the test sees the test commence at 09.00 – 12.00 with a one hour break. The afternoon session will begin at 13.00 and end at 16.00.


Morning Results

  Driver Team Laptime Laps
Nick Yelloly Status Grand Prix 1:35.104 22
Jimmy Eriksson Koiranen GP 1:35.582 24
Marvin Kirchhofer ART Grand Prix 1:35.590 16
Alex Lynn Carlin 1:35.716 29
Richie Stanaway Status Grand Prix 1:35.718 17
Patrick Kujala Marussia Manor Racing 1:35.788 21
Alex Fontana ART Grand Prix 1:35.788 15
Robert Visoiu Arden International 1:36.024 21
Santiago Urrutia Koiranen GP 1:36.031 19
Dino Zamparelli ART Grand Prix 1:36.164 13
Patric Niederhauser Arden International 1:36.279 23
Nelson Mason Hilmer Motorsport 1:36.375 32
Dean Stoneman Marussia Manor Racing 1:36.387 16
Adderly Fong Jenzer Motorsport 1:36.409 30
Mathéo Tuscher Jenzer Motorsport 1:36.448 19
Luis Sa Silva Carlin 1:36.489 28
Jann Mardenborough Arden International 1:36.515 23
Pal Varhaug Jenzer Motorsport 1:36.538 23
Emil Bernstorff Carlin 1:36.591 22
Roman De Beer Trident 1:37.015 23
Alfonso Celis Jr Status Grand Prix 1:37.035 27
Ryan Cullen Marussia Manor Racing 1:37.087 25
Ivan Taranov Hilmer Motorsport 1:37.262 34
Victor Carbone Trident 1:37.294 25
Denis Nagulin Trident 1:38.268 21
Carmen Jorda Koiranen GP 1:41.406 25


Afternoon Results

  Driver Team Laptime Laps
Alex Lynn Carlin 1:35.663 33
Patrick Kujala Marussia Manor Racing 1:35.851 32
Dino Zamparelli ART Grand Prix 1:36.082 29
Matheo Tuscher Jenzer Motorsport 1:36.280 32
Emil Bernstorff Carlin 1:36.358 36
Patric Niederhauser Arden International 1:36.401 30
Richie Stanaway Status Grand Prix 1:36.469 35
Jimmy Eriksson Koiranen GP 1:36.510 23
Jann Mardenborough Arden International 1:36.513 30
Pal Varhaug Jenzer Motorsport 1:36.513 21
Alex Fontana ART Grand Prix 1:36.557 29
Dean Stoneman Marussia Manor Racing 1:36.626 32
Luis Sa Silva Carlin 1:36.891 13
Robert Visoiu Arden International 1:37.102 31
Santiago Urrutia Koiranen GP 1:37.147 14
Adderly Fong Jenzer Motorsport 1:37.423 29
Roman De Beer Trident 1:37.591 30
Victor Carbone Trident 1:37.591 35
Nelson Mason Hilmer Motorsport 1:37.864 27
Nick Yelloly Status Grand Prix 1:38.044 43
Marvin Kirchhofer ART Grand Prix 1:38.070 24
Denis Nagulin Trident 1:38.167 28
Ryan Cullen Marussia Manor Racing 1:38.450 31
Ivan Taranov Hilmer Motorsport 1:38.983 33
Alfonso Celis Jr Status Grand Prix 1:38.989 38
Carmen Jorda Koiranen GP 1:41.076 14