Ferrari LogoChinese Grand Prix

Shanghai, 19 April 2014

Fernando Alonso: “When it rains you never know how things will turn out as track conditions can get worse
lap after lap and so that’s one reason for me to be pleased with the way qualifying went. Fifth place means I can
start with the lead group and if I can stay with the leaders we can finish close to the podium. The opening laps

will count for a lot therefore and we must try our absolute best to get a good start and to avoid battles, which
in the last few races have seen us lose ground. Yesterday, the car was more competitive and that means we can
hope for a better race than in the last three. I think that here in China, we have taken the first step towards
improving; the car behaved well in all areas and is performing better on the aerodynamic front, thanks to the
small updates we have introduced here and we have more power, having revised some settings on the power
unit. Certainly, we are still a long way off the pace of the leaders, because they too are progressing, but we can
hope to fight for better positions and more points.”

Kimi Raikkonen: “The past two days have been difficult, because after yesterday’s technical problem, this
morning I also only did a single run, but overall, I felt more comfortable in the car. Unfortunately, on my last
run in Q2, when I was on my quick lap, I lost a lot of time in the final sector and that meant I didn’t make the
cut to Q3. The car’s handling was inconsistent, as it was stable in some parts of the track and less so in others. I
had some problems with the balance and this had an effect on my performance. It’s too early to say what
happened, but the time lost yesterday definitely didn’t help. Now I want to concentrate on tomorrow’s race and
try my best to end this weekend with a good result.”

Pat Fry: “The weather forecast for today proved to be right and a light but persistent rain had a significant
effect on both sessions. In the morning, we chose to run as little as possible so as not to use up the rain tyres in
order to have as many new sets as possible for qualifying and the race. Kimi unfortunately did not get past Q2.
Yesterday he lost the first free practice session and today he was fighting with the balance of the car, especially
in the slow corners. As for Fernando, he managed to get through the three parts of qualifying without any
particular problems and fifth place on the grid tomorrow will mean he can be in the leading group. With him,
we will try and exploit any opportunity to attack while with Kimi we will try and move him up the order to take
as many points as he can. In both cases, the opening two laps will hold the key.”