F1 News: 2014 Bahrain GP Practice – Infiniti Red Bull Racing

//F1 News: 2014 Bahrain GP Practice – Infiniti Red Bull Racing

F1 News: 2014 Bahrain GP Practice – Infiniti Red Bull Racing

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First Practice Session: Position: 10, Best Time: 1:39.389, Laps: 16

Second Practice Session: Position: 7, Best Time: 1:35.606, Laps: 30

“It was a solid day for us and we didn’t have any problems with the car. We’re still learning a lot in terms of reliability and car set up, so it’s important to do laps and not to have any problems.”



First Practice Session: Position: 14, Best Time: 1:40.406, Laps: 19

Second Practice Session: Position: 4, Best Time: 1:35.433, Laps: 28

“We had a better run in P2 today than in P1. In P1 we played around a little bit with a few things on the car, but this evening was better and we made a step forward. We’ve still got more to go through – so overall not a bad day, but still room for improvement.”




NAME THAT THING So far we’ve had weird close-ups of a rear jack and the top of a wheel gun, but now we bring you Name that Thing III, and we reckon it’s our most challenging yet. Yup, it’s a thing, alright. It could be a tool, a bit of the car, some random piece of plastic someone left behind and it’s now up to you to puzzle out its identity. The correct answer, along with some of the more bizarre suggestions, will be revealed on our website tomorrow (www.infiniti-redbullracing.com). And once again, there’s no prize, just the chance to lord it over your peers as self-proclaimed king of the F1 nerds.

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