GP3 LogoART Grand Prix driver sets the pace in Estoril pre-season testing


Dino Zamparelli (ART Grand Prix) set the pace on day one of the first pre-season test in Portugal with a laptime of 1:29.145. Jimmy Eriksson (Koiranen GP) topped the timesheets in a wet afternoon session in a 1:29.183


The 2014 GP3 Series got underway at the Circuito Estoril. Eight teams are on track for this two day test in Portugal with newcomers Hilmer Motorsport making their maiden appearance at the Jerez test on April 10-11th.


Carlin’s new recruit Alex Lynn was first to head out onto the track in cool and overcast conditions. Nick Yelloly who has switched to Status Grand Prix for this campaign topped the early timings before Zamparelli claimed P1 in the standings with a 1:30.270. After a few drops of rain had fell early on, the sun decided to join us as the midway point of the morning session whilst the glorious sound of the GP3 cars rung out.


Yelloly retook top spot in the timings for a brief time until Arden International’s Robert Visoiu bettered his lap. The Brit came back for more though and was the first driver to break into the 1m29s barrier. It was a Status Grand Prix 1-2 with Richie Stanaway close in pursuit until the Carlin pairing of Lynn and Emil Bernstorff toppled them.


With two minutes left on the clock, Zamparelli surged to the top of the standings as the chequered flag came out. Lynn, Bernstorff, Yelloly, Stanaway, Roman De Beer, Visoiu, Luis Sa Silva, Melville McKee and Santiago Urrutia completed the top ten.


Following the two hour break, Eriksson and Carmen Jorda were first to feed onto the circuit. The Swede held P1 ahead of Dean Stoneman and Marvin Kirchhofer.  The first red flag off the day occurred when Victor Carbone’s Trident car stopped on track. Around forty-five minutes into the afternoon session, the heavens opened, with the drivers opting to return to their garages. After a quick spell of no activity on track and further rain hammering down, the drivers got to grips with the tricky conditions in the final hour as they contended with the spray.


There was a short red flag period when Sa Silva went off in the gravel in the closing stages but with drivers unable to improve on their laptimes, the top positions remained as per the beginning part of the afternoon session. Eriksson ended the afternoon quickest in front of Stoneman, Kirchhofer, Stanaway, Lynn, Urrutia, Visoiu, Sa Silva, Patrick Kujala and Yelloly.


The schedule for Day 2 of the test sees the test commence at 09.00 – 12.00 with a one hour break. The afternoon session will begin at 13.00 and end at 16.00.


Morning Results

Driver Team Laptime Laps
Dino Zamparelli ART Grand Prix 1:29.145 35
Alex Lynn Carlin 1:29.402 28
Emil Bernstorff Carlin 1:29.575 29
Nick Yelloly Status Grand Prix 1:29.666 18
Richie Stanaway Status Grand Prix 1:29.922 29
Roman De Beer Trident 1:30.029 34
Robert Visoiu Arden International 1:30.126 20
Luis Sa Silva Carlin 1:30.260 24
Melville McKee Jenzer Motorsport 1:30.267 27
Santiago Urrutia Koiranen GP 1:30.295 23
Nelson Mason Trident 1:30.339 28
Ryan Cullen Marussia Manor Racing 1:30.356 33
Jimmy Eriksson Koiranen GP 1:30.424 17
Alex Fontana ART Grand Prix 1:30.815 14
Jann Mardenborough Arden International 1:30.907 18
Patric Niederhauser Arden International 1:31.174 13
Marvin Kirchhofer ART Grand Prix 1:31.188 22
Dean Stoneman Marussia Manor Racing 1:31.351 15
Alfonso Celis Jr Status Grand Prix 1:31.919 24
Pal Varhaug Jenzer Motorsport 1:32.393 28
Victor Carbone Trident 1:32.538 15
Carmen Jorda Koiranen GP 1:39.309 12
Adderly Fong Jenzer Motorsport 10:06.926 1


Afternoon Results

Driver Team Laptime Laps
Jimmy Eriksson Koiranen GP 1:29.183 24
Dean Stoneman Marussia Manor Racing 1:29.781 22
Marvin Kirchhofer ART Grand Prix 1:30.105 25
Richie Stanaway Status Grand Prix 1:30.202 20
Alex Lynn Carlin 1:30.324 17
Santiago Urrutia Koiranen GP 1:30.324 19
Robert Visoiu Arden International 1:30.454 21
Luis Sa Silva Carlin 1:30.567 21
Patrick Kujala Marussia Manor Racing 1:30.911 22
Nick Yelloly Status Grand Prix 1:30.948 18
Alfonso Celis Jr Status Grand Prix 1:30.980 26
Adderly Fong Jenzer Motorsport 1:31.243 15
Emil Bernstorff Carlin 1:31.255 21
Patric Niederhauser Arden International 1:31.927 18
Ryan Cullen Marussia Manor Racing 1:32.045 21
Victor Carbone Trident 1:32.907 16
Pal Varhaug Jenzer Motorsport 1:32.956 16
Carmen Jorda Koiranen GP 1:36.439 6
Melville McKee Jenzer Motorsport 1:38.574 10
Nelson Mason Trident 1:38.917 30
Jann Mardenborough Arden International 1:40.151 17
Roman De Beer Trident 1:43.051 27
Dino Zamparelli ART Grand Prix 1:48.388 14
Alex Fontana ART Grand Prix 2:00.662 3