Ferrari LogoMaranello, 19 December – A complex project such as the new 059/3 power unit involves not only all the staff from the Ferrari Engine and Electronics Department, but also the incredible Scuderia partners, first and foremost Shell. The longstanding fuel and lubricants supplier has been alongside Marmorini and his crew right from the start of this project. Over fifty versions of the Shell V-Power fuel were developed up until now and the best of them are currently being evaluated on the engine test beds in Maranello, prior to making their track debut on 28 January at Jerez de la Frontera, at the opening test session of the 2014 season.

“The FIA regulations concerning fuel and lubricants have remained unchanged, but the demands of the new powertrain are radically different compared to those of its predecessor, which has given us the freedom to explore new areas and to introduce innovations,” said Andrew Foulds, vice-president of Shell Fuels Technology, during the presentation at Maranello. “The change of configuration is important for us, as is the limit to how much fuel can be used per race. Finding a fuel that offers power and efficiency is like finding the Holy Grail.”

“Furthermore, we have to deal with an increased life cycle for each unit,” continued Foulds. ‘With only five power units available per driver over the course of the season, it’s a very complicated exercise to push on the performance front, while maintaining the reliability of which Ferrari and Shell are justly proud. The formulation of the Shell Helix Ultra lubricants that we are developing with the Scuderia allows us to keep pushing the limits: that way we can gather valuable information which will allow us to continue development, not only for the world of racing, but also for applications for road cars.”