gp3-carlogoOur Russian Champion talks about his 2013 season

GP3 Series: Daniil Kvyat, 2013 GP3 Champion. How does that sound?

Daniil Kvyat: It sounds great! I mean I’m really, really happy and I’m proud of myself, the team and everyone involved this year. It’s a strong result and to be going to Formula One like this, it could not be better than that!

GP3 Series: At the beginning of the season, was the title your objective?

Daniil: I don’t really like to set some objectives or anything. You can never know what can happen. You just have to work step by step. When we started the season in Barcelona, we were really far away. Fortunately for us, after the first round, there was a season test in Budapest. That’s where we could try a lot of different options and solutions. From there on, we were competitive. That’s when I think we started to win the championship, slowly but surely. We were consistent and then we became unbeatable in Spa and it stayed like that until this final round.

GP3 Series: Which particular race will you remember from this season?

Daniil: Well, this one because I enjoyed every single corner today. Of course, Monza was a very special weekend. Actually, every weekend is special in a way. It’s hard to find which one is my favourite really. They’re all my favourites! They’re really special…

GP3 Series: At which point during this season did you realise that this GP3 crown will be yours?

Daniil: After Spa. I thought there was a chance. And after Monza, I thought “let’s go for it!” We came here with one goal and we did it. It makes this taste even better because I came here with this one sole goal. I was focused all weekend with my coach. I’m really happy.

GP3 Series: Next season, you will be in Formula One. How do you think GP3 has prepared you for F1?

Daniil: You know, GP3 is a really good place to be for young drivers: we race at the same tracks as Formula One, in the same conditions all the time and also, the tyres are really similar. I think it’s a better preparation than what people think. I’m really looking forward to the next step, but right now, I also want to enjoy this and celebrate. We worked hard for it. We deserve to enjoy it!