Caterham F1 logo2013 HUNGARIAN GRAND PRIX FP1 & FP2

Hungaroring, Hungary – Friday 26th July 2013

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FP1: Dry, sunny; min / max track temp 40° – 44°, air temp 29° – 30°
FP2: Dry, sunny; min / max track temp 38° – 45°, air temp 30° – 31°

Fastest laps / positions:
FP1: PIC 1.25.827, 19th / VDG 1.26.808, 20th
FP2: PIC 1.24.325, 19th / VDG 1.25.065, 20th

Total laps:
FP1: PIC 24 / VDG 25
FP2: PIC 39 / VDG 36


Charles Pic, car #20, chassis CT03-06

1002 – 1005: Run 1, installation lap, 1 lap
Changes: n/a
1031 – 1046: Run 2, 8 laps
Changes: front / rear ride height, rear anti-roll bar
1054 – 1108: Run 3, 8 laps
Changes: n/a
1121 – 1133: Run 4, 7 laps

1401 – 1415: Run 1, 8 laps
Changes: n/a
1423 – 1434: Run 2, 6 laps
Changes: front wing flap angle
1444 – 1504: Run 3, 12 laps
Changes: rear brake duct blanking
1511 – 1529: Run 4, 13 laps

Giedo van der Garde, car #21, chassis CT03-04

1003 – 1006: Run 1, installation lap, 1 lap
Changes: front wing flap angle
1032 – 1046: Run 2, 8 laps
Changes: front / rear ride height, front anti-roll bar
1057 – 1109: Run 3, 7 laps
Changes: n/a
1119 – 1132: Run 4, 9 laps

1402 – 1416: Run 1, 8 laps
Changes: rear brake duct blanking
1431 – 1439: Run 2, 5 laps
Changes: n/a
1445 – 1502: Run 3, 10 laps
Changes: front brake duct blanking
1512 – 1531: Run 4, 13 laps

Driver quotes

Charles Pic: “For me FP1 was ok. I didn’t have as much understeer as Giedo and from the start of the session had reasonable grip. In fact, we had too much grip at the rear for the first couple of runs but we improved that throughout the session.

“For FP2 we made a couple more setup changes and started with a better balance than we’d had in FP1. On the long runs the degradation was ok – it’s there, more at the rear than the front, but it’s not huge and for me it’s manageable. We can take quite a few positives from today, particularly the gap to our nearest rivals and the long run pace which is again comparable to Williams, I think we could have a good weekend ahead.”

Giedo van der Garde: “Both sessions today were all about understeer. In FP1 we ran a different setup to Charles’ car to give us a baseline comparison and we tried some new brake material. To be honest neither the setup nor the new brake material really worked and we had to spend most of the FP1 trying to dial out the understeer. We also had a lot of front locking, something we didn’t have last week in Silverstone, so we made a few changes to deal with that.

“In the afternoon the balance was a bit better but we still had the same understeer issues, and on the long runs we were seeing high degradation and graining on the front left. However, by the last long run the tyres were working better and I felt like we’d made some good progress. We’ll work on all everything tonight and even though we have a lot of work ahead of us I’m pretty positive we can have a decent qualifying and race here in Hungary.”