Red Bull LogoFriday 5 July 2013



First Practice Session: Position: 8, Best Time: 1:33.213, Laps: 20
Second Practice Session: Position: 1, Best Time: 1:30.416, Laps: 39

“I wasn’t so happy with the car this morning and Mercedes were quick, but in the afternoon we were in better shape. We’ll see, but so far I am happy. To be clear about yesterday and the GPDA meeting: the general agreement was that we’re happy Pirelli bought a new specification of tyre for this event and want to thank them for their flexibility and reaction times – they were able to find a solution in only a couple of days. The circumstances that we raced under in Silverstone were not what we can accept, but I don’t think we will see those issues again.”
First Practice Session: Position: 3, Best Time: 1:32.789, Laps: 22
Second Practice Session: Position: 3, Best Time: 1:30.683, Laps: 41

“It was okay today and we had dry weather, which was good – it meant we could get our runs done on both compounds and the new tyres seem okay. Pirelli have done what they can and gone back to tyres they know work here. It’s impossible to tell how they will affect the performance of the car – but it feels comfortable so far.”
After the serious business of the day, here are five fast facts from Seb:
Sebastian Vettel’s Top Five… Places to visit in Germany
1.              Home, which would be Heppenheim. Home is home – where your family is, your oldest friends and very good memories.
2.              Berlin – I love it. It’s young, hip, very cool. There’s always something happening. The museums are great, the culture is cool and the city just has a real buzz about it.
3.              Commerzbank-Arena – the Waldstadion, home of Eintracht Frankfurt, who play in the Bundesliga, of course. It’s just the atmosphere: to enjoy the game, enjoy the noise, have a sausage in the half time break. Proper football things.
4.              Südspitze – I haven’t been there yet but this is Germany’s highest mountain. It’s in Bavaria. I’d like to climb that at some point.
5.              Ruhrpott – This is what we call the whole area around Cologne and Dusseldorf. We have so many big cities next to each other there, there’s an enormous variety of things to do. You can find anything.