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Describe the Monaco Grand Prix weekend in three words
Dramatic, glitz and busy.

If you were a fan where would you watch the race from?
I’d watch the left-right combination at the entry to the swimming pool, after Tabac

What’s your best memory of the Monaco GP?
My first win in 2010 – it’s right up there with my best memories of all time.


“Monaco is one of my favourite tracks and driving it is an absolute challenge. You can’t even make the smallest mistake; if you do, you’re lucky if it’s just that your lap time is bad. If you’re not paying attention, you’ll end up in the barrier. Overtaking is possible, but only with risk – the best place for that is before the chicane. We come out of the narrow tunnel at more than 300kph and race to the first gear-chicane – whoever brakes later wins. Ideally you have a good qualifying session and start from far forward