Leafield Technical Centre, UK – 20th May 2013  

Race Laps: 78
2012 Air/Track temp (°C): 21/32
2012 Pitlane altitude (m): 2
2012 ATM Press (HPA): 1000
2012 Hum (%): 40
2012 Wind (kph): NNE 10

2012 Timing
P1: MSC (1:14.301 Q3)
P2: WEB (1:14.381 Q3)
P3: ROS (1:14.448 Q3)
CF1T best: P18 KOV (1:16.538 Q1)

2012 Race
P1: WEB (1:18.805 L45)
P2: ROS (1:18.977 L46)
P3: ALO (1:18.857 L45)
CF1T best: P13 KOV (1:19.305 L76)

Quick description
Needs high brake cooling to avoid calipers overheating, but brake wear is not an issue
Maximum downforce needed, compared to better efficiency aero package
Very low grip, especially on Thursday FP1 and Saturday in FP3
Track improves considerably over race weekend
All setup changes between sessions are usually overshadowed by track improvement
Highest percentage of low speed corners of all circuits
T6 is the season’s slowest corner
Track was partly resurfaced in 2010 and 2011 and bumps were removed in 2012

Circuit Particularity
Bumpiness: medium
Overtaking chance: low
Kerbs: low / medium
Ride height setting particularity: no need for much higher ride height than standard tracks (compared to previous years)
Engine severity: very low
Gearbox severity: very high
Lat/Long grip: longitudinal
Aero eff ratio: very low
Track grip evo during w/e: very high
Aero settings: very high (max)
Brake wear severity: medium / high
Brake cooling necessity: very high

Safety car history
2012: 1 (2-4)
2011: 2 (34-36, 69-72)
2010: 4 (1-6, 31-33, 43-45,75-78)

Driver Quotes

Charles Pic: “Monaco is a great race and a track I’ve won on before in Formula Renault 3.5 and in GP2. It’s one of the two city street circuit races and there’s a lot of history there. I think for every driver and fan it’s one of the best races of the year. It’s not an easy race because you can’t make any mistakes at all during the weekend, but it’s also why we love it and why Monaco is so special.

“For the car it’s completely different than almost any other track, so we are running with a different setup there to optimise the mechanical grip. It’s always fun on track, but it’s busy for the drivers and as it’s right next to France there are a lot of French fans and I’m sure it will be good entertainment for them and everyone who goes. We don’t have a race in France at the moment so Monaco’s the nearest place to see F1 for all the French fans who really do love our sport.

“It’s true that Monaco, like Singapore is really tough. You can hope that it can be a good chance for you to finish in a good position, but with such a tight circuit and so many chances for something to happen it’s something we can’t control so we have to be focused on optimising the car, extracting 100 per cent for qualifying and then focusing on the race. We’ll have to make sure we go the right way on tyre choice and strategy, and then we’ll see. We’ve definitely been improving over the last couple of races, so the aim is to carry that through to Monaco.”

Giedo van der Garde: “Monaco is one of my favourite races of the year. For me the track is very special, it holds a lot of great memories as over the last few years I’ve been on the podium every time I’ve raced there. It’s a pretty mad weekend, with a lot of guests and fans everywhere, closer than you see anywhere else in the season, but once you’re in the car it’s very important to have a good flow or you’ll lose time and increase the chance of making a mistake.

“It takes a few laps for the car to really to come in and of course for me this year it will be another new experience with the F1 car, but I’ll get the flow back quickly and I have a good team around me so everything should go well.

“Monaco’s also a place where the smaller teams, like us, can do something special. It’s a shorter lap than many of the other tracks we race on, and everyone has to run as much downforce as possible, so outright speed isn’t the key. You need good traction to really attack the exits of the corners, and the package we introduced in Spain had exactly that, so what we want to do is build on the progress we made in Spain, show a bit more of our potential, and with a bit of luck we can come close to the top 10.”

“It’s going to be hard to tell if our car will work well there. Last year the team had quite good results so there is good hope. I think the driver is very important there to have a good flow, and we’ll see what we can do.”