Red Bull LogoFriday 12 April 2013



First Practice Session: Position: 3, Best Time: 1:37.658, Laps: 21

Second Practice Session: Position: 5, Best Time: 1:36.092, Laps: 31

“It was good today and we achieved a lot of mileage. There are obviously some pretty quick cars out there – we saw that in Malaysia before it rained in qualifying. We’re getting a lot of information, but we’re still in this early phase of learning about the tyres. I think that we have a bit of work to do, but the car doesn’t feel too bad, we just have to keep working on understanding the tyres. It’s nice to have a stable weekend in terms of weather, which is unusual in Shanghai.”


First Practice Session: Position: 4 Best Time: 1:37.942, Laps: 20

Second Practice Session: Position: 10 , Best Time: 1:36.791, Laps: 27

“Today was a tricky day for us. I struggled a bit this afternoon and the gap to the guys at the top is a little bit bigger than I’d like. There are two or three things that we need to work on and then we should be in a better shape for tomorrow. I think we know what we need to do. It looks like the soft tyre is the one for qualifying, but it seems that we won’t see that many

stints on the soft tyre during the race.”



After all the serious business of the day, here are five fast facts from Sebastian:


1, 2 and 3 would be the helmets I wore at the races I won my championships at – so that would be Abu Dhabi 2010, which was dark, but with a lot of silvery circles, Japan 2011, which had the Japanese flag and the word Kizuna on it which means solidarity (for the victims of the tsunami) and then Brazil 2012, which was also the design I had for the race in Abu Dhabi, a pretty simple silver and black affair.

4. Singapore 2012 – the one with the lights. That was pretty flashy. I liked that one.

5. The fifth one hopefully is yet to come. If I complete the top five now then that will be it, no more special occasions.

On other Drivers’

“It’s funny, but I’m very traditional when it comes to designs. Obviously I change mine, which suggests I’m not that traditional, but that’s because I enjoy the design process rather than the change. Jens Munser, the guy who designs my helmets, does most of the work. I just choose elements I like. I like designs that are unique and very simple. David [Coulthard]’s for example, with the white cross, the Scottish flag was very good. Damon Hill’s, which was his father’s design too. Senna’s helmet was unique, just yellow with the two stripes. It was him, totally recognisable. Those kind of designs appeal to me.”