Caterham F1 logoBAHRAIN GRAND PRIX 2013

Sakhir International Circuit, Bahrain – Sunday 21st April 2013

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Race: Dry, sunny, air temp 31° / track temp 42° (start), 32° / 41°
(lap 28), x° / x° (lap x)


Charles Pic

Start on medium tyres

Lap 11: pitstop 1, hard tyres

Lap 23: pitstop 2, hard tyres

Lap 35: pitstop 3, hard tyres

Finished: 17th

Fastest lap: 1.39.546 (lap 37)

Giedo van der Garde

Start on medium tyres

Lap 2: pitstop 1, hard tyres

Lap 14: pitstop 2, medium tyres

Lap 24: pitstop 3, hard tyres

Lap 39: pitstop 4, medium tyres

Lap 47: pitstop 5, medium tyres

Finished: 21st

Fastest lap: 1.39.334 (lap 49)

Team Quotes

Charles Pic, car
20, chassis CT03-#6:
“That’s our best race of the year so far
and one the whole team should be pleased with. I quickly passed both the
Marussia cars after starting on the medium tyres which held up for the first
stint pretty well, allowing me to pit for the first time on lap 11. By that
point the car felt good, well balanced and I was pulling away from the cars
behind without any issues. We stayed on the hard tyres for the second stint and
again the deg levels were good. I passed Gutierrez and was running comfortably
in 16th until Sutil got past about two thirds of the way through the

“As the fuel levels dropped the deg levels increased a little but it wasn’t an
issue. I was keeping pace with Ricciardo just ahead, and keeping Gutierrez
behind me and we decided to stay out after the third stop so I did a very long
stint on the hard tyres, 21 laps, and brought it home in 17th. I’m
really pleased with how close we finished to the Toro Rosso ahead, and the fact
we kept a Sauber behind – maybe if I’d been slightly further up the road after
the start we could have beaten Ricciardo, but we can take this performance as a
good step and look forward to what’s coming next in Spain.”

Giedo van der
Garde, car 21, chassis CT03-#5
: “I didn’t have a great
start but I was up to about 16th with a couple of other cars going
into turn four and saw that Vergne had spun and was moving off the line. I
tried to miss him but couldn’t and we made contact which destroyed my front
wing and basically ended my race on the first lap. I couldn’t really do
anything from that point so I just got my head down and pushed but after losing
so much time with the unplanned stop on lap one, and having a delaminated right
front after my fourth stop, there really wasn’t anyone to race with. From that
point I just made sure I brought the car home and used this as another step in
my learning curve.

“Despite today it’s been a good weekend for the team. The developments we put
on my teammate’s car have worked well and there’s another step to come in Spain
when I’ll have the same package as Charles. From that point I think my season
will look different. We’ll be on tracks I know really well, from GP2, World
Series and from F1, and with the updates we have coming we have reasons to be
positive. The first four races have been exactly what I thought they would –
pretty tough, but I’m learning all the time and the whole team’s right behind
me. I’m feeling really good physically and mentally and I can’t wait to get
started again in Barcelona.”