Caterham F1 logo2013 Australian Grand Prix – FP1 and FP2

Melbourne, Australia – Friday 15th March 2013

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FP1: Dry, sunny, min / max track temp 29° – 39°, air temp 22° – 23°
FP2: Dry, sunny, min / max track temp 37° – 27°, air temp 23° – 22°

Fastest laps / positions:
FP1: PIC 1.32.274, 21st / VDG 1.32.388, 22nd
FP2: PIC 1.30.165, 20th / VDG 1.32.450, 22nd

Total laps:
FP1: PIC 21 / VDG 18
FP2: PIC 37 / VDG 11

Charles Pic, car #20, chassis CT03-06

1231 – 1233: Run 1, installation lap, 1 lap (medium tyres)
Changes: front / rear brake duct blanking
1306 – 1326: Run 2, 9 laps (medium tyres)
Changes: front ride height, front torsion bar, front anti-roll bar, front / rear brake duct blanking
1343 – 1402: Run 3, 11 laps (medium tyres)

1632 – 1646: Run 1, 8 laps (medium tyres)
Changes: front wing flap angle
1655 – 1715: Run 2, 12 laps (medium tyres)
Changes: front / rear brake duct blanking, front torsion bar
1722 – 1732: Run 3, 5 laps (supersoft tyres)
Changes: front wing flap angle
1737 – 1758: Run 4, 12 laps (supersoft tyres)

Giedo van der Garde, car #21, chassis CT03-05

1231 – 1233: Run 1, installation lap, 1 lap (medium tyres)
Changes: front / rear brake duct blanking
1307 – 1324: Run 2, 7 laps (medium tyres)
Changes: brake balance
1345 – 1402: Run 3, 10 laps (medium tyres)

1632 – 1645: Run 1, 7 laps (medium tyres)
Changes: n/a
1655 – 1701: Run 2, 4 laps (medium tyres)
Incident at turn 3 ends session


Driver quotes

Charles Pic: “For our first full day of running that was ok. We definitely have work to do to get where we want to be and we knew where we’d be relative to the cars around us for the early part of the season, so there’s been no real surprises today.

“In FP1 we ran through a pretty normal program on the medium tyres but we have some work to do to extract the maximum performance from them so we’ll look at that tonight and do more work on that in FP3. In FP2 we did a couple of longer runs on that compound before switching to the supersofts and found that deg levels on those was good, especially on the long runs, and the times were consistent. Now we need to make sure we can get the same performance level out of the mediums as we did on the supersofts and that will set us up ok for Sunday.“

Giedo van der Garde: “First I want to say how good it was to start my first full F1 weekend. I’ve worked very hard for a long time to get here and a lot of people have helped make my dream come true, so I want to thank them for helping make it happen.

“On track FP1 was good – we got through a decent number of laps and focused mainly on tyre evaluation, running on the mediums for the whole session so we could have a detailed look at degradation levels on that compound. FP2 started ok – on the first run I had some understeer that we dialled out for the second run but unfortunately I have a bit of rear locking as I went into T3 and went into the gravel. The anti-stall kicked in before I could get the car back out and that was the end of my afternoon.

“Despite that we have a lot of data to work through tonight and we’ll come back fighting tomorrow. We’ll have to make the most of FP3 but I’m looking forward to it and it’s all part of the learning process for me.”