Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull Racing


Car 1 SEBASTIAN VETTEL, Position: POLE POSITION, (3rd Practice – P1, 1:36.490)

“It’s good to start from pole and be on the clean side of the grid. It was important to feel the car from
the first session onwards, in order to get more out of it as the weekend developed – we can be happy
with the result and look forward to tomorrow. The car feels great. In terms of the Championship, we
need to focus on ourselves and try to get the best result that we can. If you’re thinking about where
the others are, then you don’t get the optimum from yourself, and that’s what we need to focus on.
Our job is done today, but so far no one has scored any points”

Car 2 MARK WEBBER, Position: 3rd, (3rd Practice – P7, 1:37.298)

“We were all a bit concerned about the grip difference between the left and right hand side of the
grid. We were able to make some practice starts after P3, which was important and made it a bit
more even. The field wasn’t that settled today during qualifying, but it’s a tricky venue on tyres and
that was the theme of the day. I’m happy to be third. The strategy for tomorrow looks reasonably
straightforward, but it’s the first time we will have raced here, so we need to stay on our toes and be
flexible if needed.”

CHRISTIAN HORNER: “A very strong qualifying for the team and it’s great to get the first pole at
the Circuit of The Americas in Texas. Sebastian has been quickest in every session of the weekend so
far and converted it into an excellent pole position, backed up by a solid third pace from Mark on
what will hopefully be the cleaner side of the grid. So, a strong start to the weekend but it’s now
important that we convert these positions into a strong result.”

(Renault) CYRIL DUMONT: “So far it’s been a fantastic weekend. We have been quickest in all
the sessions, including the qualifying sessions with Sebastian, so the pace is there. It’s also very good
that Mark is third, I think for tomorrow it’s better to be first and third, than first and second, especially
for the start. We will probably have some surprises at the first corner and on the first lap, hopefully it
will be okay for us and we will be able to get into the top two positions.”


Tomorrow, Sebastian Vettel will start his 100th grand prix. That makes him, at just 25 years of age,
something of an elder statesman in F1. But, back in April 2008, he was still a youth and a veteran of
just 11 grands prix. On the eve of the ’08 Spanish GP he was interviewed by The Red Bulletin.
Here’s what Seb was thinking way back when….
Wet race or dry race?
Wet race! I like to play with my car. It also opens up interesting possibilities in the race.
Salad or steak?
Definitely steak, I love meat… and don’t like vegetarians they’re stealing food from my steak 😉
iPod or Vinyl?
iPod is excellent for travelling, but you can’t beat the sound of vinyl. I like that raspy quality you get
listening to old records.
Night on the town or quiet night at home?
Usually quiet night at home. How can I be profound and insightful without a good night’s sleep?
Wine or water?
I’d say water. I don’t like alcohol much, and I prefer beer to wine anyway.
Suit or casual?
Casual only… I don’t have much of a choice when it comes to suits as I only have one.
Yacht or Plane?
I can’t afford either. More follows…
Supermodel or girl next door?
The girl next door is more of a challenge – and most of the time less bitchy.
Race or Qualifying?
Hmmm…I love both. In quali you have to cut right to the chase, whereas in a race you have more
time and I love the way it tests you.
Beach or mountain?
When you hike up a mountain and you get to the peak the feeling is fantastic. You don’t get this on
the beach – unless you’re lying next to a hot girl.
Monaco apartment or Swiss chalet?
Swiss chalet… I don’t like neighbours.
Money or glory?
Glory, for sure! It’s all about success. I can’t imagine admiring someone for his fat purse.
Now, with 100 races under his belt Seb looks back and picks out his top three
grands prix.
One is Monza in 2008, my first win. That year’s Toro Rosso wasn’t the best car, but it had been
getting better all season and was really good in Italy. It was still a really difficult weekend because of
the rain. Your first win is always important and that one was very special because it was for an
Italian team. Another is the championship win in Abu Dhabi in 2010. I didn’t go into that race
expecting to come out as champion, but the whole weekend was perfect and it all came together on
Sunday. It was an incredible feeling, in amazing circumstances. The final one would be when the
second title came in Japan. It was incredible because it was done at a circuit I absolutely love, in a
country I also really like. It was maybe a little bittersweet because I couldn’t win the race, but, you
know, I can’t complain too much about the overall result.